Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Pretty Tree!

I just wanted to share a picture of my tree. We don't have any ornaments on it - might not put any on at all, either. The way the lights glow off of the white is festive enough for me.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanks, Bro

So I have this little brother. Well, little in that he's seven years younger. He's actually alot bigger than I am considering that I'm kind of the runt in the family. He's a great recipient of handmade gifts. A couple of years ago I crocheted him a pair of alien-faced hot pads and he uses them all the time. I've offered to knit him a wool sweater since there aren't any in the stores around here. He's kind of an outdorsey type of guy and spends alot of time bicycling all over and adventuring with his friends. He asked if he could send me a link for something he'd like to have made and of course I said yes and now I have a problem. He needs some cords. I love knottong cords and such - and the site he sent had links to some awesome knotwork sites. I've always wanted to make gorgeous knots - think of the closure possibilities for sweaters and bags! I could make some out of wires for shawl pins or other jewelry. I could combine all of my fibery stuff with some great cording and a big, spectacular knotted accent and just blow everyone away. I'm doomed. Do you see the problem? Yep - who's going to feed the kids? Ha ha!
This month, and a good part of last month, have been all about making things for others. It's really killing me. I usually only make stuff for me - being a spoiled little brat and all. Well, Anna Dalvi, the designer behind all of the gorgeous Mystic shawl knitalongs, has a new one that started today and it's free. I signed up last week for it and I think I'm going to cast on tonight. Maybe a few rows for yours truly will make the last of the gifts a bit less work.
For all of you in the big weather areas - drive carefully! I'll talk to you all again soon.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wrackspurt attack

I had a list of everything I wanted to talk about - more shawls, mom retiring, gifts, etc - but my brain has been attacked by a wrackspurt and even the notes to myself aren't helping. I've done it to myself again. A couple of weeks ago I figured that there's plenty of time to make a few things for people for Christmas. Ha ha ha ha ha! Yes, I'm working on some things - but my dad isn't getting the socks that he asked for. Know why? Because a size twelve is a heck of alot of stockinette and I have kids for mental anguish so my knitting should relax me - not make me want to pierce myself with dpn's.
I'd really like a day of doing nothing but hanging out with the BFF at the farm supply store. I could look for unusual food stuff for my brother, she could get Chicken Poop for her hubby, we could laugh at the goofy things everywhere - and maybe buy ourselves some tools - and then go someplace with warm caffeinated beverages to talk about Harry and the Doctor and all of our other commonalities. (Chicken Poop, for those who don't know, is a brand of lip balm. She probably wouldn't buy him a bag of the real stuff.)
I need to clean out the corner of the room where our tree goes. The girl child is driving me crazy about getting it up. I don't really want to, though - Armand Assante is playing Odysseus on TV and I'm a huge fan of both mythology and handsome Italians.
Oh! Before I go, I added a link to the shopping section on the side. See it? I'll wait here while you check it out - it's the most gorgeous clothes......back? Why, I would love a gift certificate for my birthday! How thoughtful! No, I'm not full-on goth. It's mostly in my head because I've still not worked on my sewing skills - because there's no freaking sewing supply store around here! Grumble grumble grumble.
Okay, now I'll go. See you soon!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So after talking about my wish for new music last week the strangest thing happened. The new issue of Hispanic magazine came in the mail (no, I'm not hispanic by a long shot and don't know why I get the magazine since I didn't order it but it's interesting) and the whole issue is about music! There's a big article about new artists and the style they perform. I must sit down one of these days and look all of them up, maybe on YouTube, to find the ones I like most. See, although I'm about as ethnic as mayo I love latin music. I have a couple of Flamenco cds that really must be played more often - one of them is Charo, remember her? I love Charo - she's always been such a unique character. I'll probably wind up spending a whole day listening to new-to-me artists because one person will lead to more and the next thing I know the kids will be home from school all crabby because I forgot to pick them up and it's pouring or something.
Actually, I know how I am. I have a serious podcast and audiobook addiction because one leads to another and the author/host will mention one I'd not heard of and the search is on again and, of course, itunes has a selection on the side of other podcasts or books that other people like and that leads to see my problem. I've learned to not subscribe until I listen, though. I seem to be very particular about what goes in my ears. Unpleasant voices don't get listened to again. People who smack when they talk - you know what I mean - may get another chance if the content is good enough. If a podcaster yawns they're done. I've heard two podcasters yawn while they're recording - if they're boring themselves then why keep talking? I'm kind of picky about pronunciations, too, but I try to remember that different regions say things differently. That all being said, I love the availability of free audio pleasure. I know, I don't have the links on the side yet, but only because I'm still working on it! I keep finding new authors and podcasts! I'm so amazed at how much brilliance is out there - as a sci-fi lover I'm in a kind of hog heaven. I just finished a three-book audiobook that still makes me crazy because it's so incredible. (The author just got published, too - buy book one if you don't do audio - it's called Seventh Son and it's crazy good - no, he's not paying me, either.)
I follow several actors from the Harry Potter movies on twitter and they're hinting at awesome stuff! The next two movies sound to be amazing. I'm so excited already that I can't sit still. Tom Felton tweets when he gets his hair bleached in preparation for Draco and, poor guy, he gets bleached alot. Have you seen him as Tom? Wow, he's a good-looking guy. As Draco he's not so appealing to me but I think it's, you know, just because of the character. I follow Matt Lewis, too - Neville, one of my favorite characters, and not just because of the upcoming SuperNevilleness that's being filmed. He's so funny on twitter. I've told y'all about twitter before. Why don't you tweet yet?
I'm a member of several forums, as you know. Lately, though, I haven't been very active in the groups. The House Cup has gotten so big that I feel lost. I've kept up with the activity - there's alot going on with some of my classmates, but I just don't have much to say. You know, though, it doesn't seem to have been noticed by anyone. I used to be very active, chatting with people, commenting on all of the great projects, etc, but my lack of participation doesn't seem to bother anyone. It's kind of depressing. Does anyone miss me?
I suppose I should get going - I joined FlyLady and now have a cleaning schedule to work on. FlyLady, which I will link to, is a great site for those of us who get overwhelmed trying to take care of a whole house and everything that goes with it - even the stuff that I'd never think of. So I'm off to care for my home. Have a great day!

Monday, November 2, 2009


I've been knitting shawls! Not big huge ones, the small shoulder shawl/shawlette/triangle scarf shawls that are everywhere on ravelry and are so cute and easy. I just finished a fourth one that for some reason wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be - when it's blocked I'll post a pic of it, too. The top picture is the Travelling Woman shawl. It knits up so fast. I used some Socks That Rock in Lenore and love how it turned out. I've worn it alot - not with the point in front though. I need to get used to that look. The second one is a skein that Jenny dyed called Gothelberry Pink. I named the shawl Lucrezia because it kind of reminds me of something Lucrezia Borgia would wear while poisoning her next victim. I love how the colorway knit up with just bits of pink and blurs of purple where the dyes ran together. She needs to dye some more so y'all can make some shawls with it! The third one is inspired by Theodore roosevelt for DADA last month. I dyed the yarn blue to represent how he loved being outside. The pattern is called Forest Canopy - he found out that he'd become president while hiking in the woods. I haven't worn it yet but Khloe has - she wrapped up in it a couple of times when she got chilled watching Teen Nick or Disney Channel. I've printed out patterns for about ten more of these little shawls. I can't resist them right now, and I have plenty of sock yarns to work with. Of course, I should be working on gifts right now - some of the assignments in both the House Cup and the Battlestar Galactica groups fit well with what I have planned for people - but you all know that I tend towards selfishness sometimes - especially when I've been dealing with a sick child. I can only handle so much Zack and Cody before I want to scream, eat candy, and be a brat. I'm sure you know what I mean.
I've been up late lately blogging in my head - then can't exactly remember everything I wanted to say. Jenny suggested that I talk into my voice recorder and then type it out. It would be handy to be able to plug the recorder into the computer and just have all of the words appear and then I could just add pictures and edit. I don't see that happening in my near future, though, so I'll have to get used to the sound of my voice - after I get used to saying it all out loud and hoping that the family doesn't think I've lost it!
I've been thinking alot about music lately. Yes, I listen to songs on my ipod - it's not all spoken content. I love listening to my favorite songs and feeling the notes and instruments flow with and around each other. I dug out a box of old cassettes the other day. I used to listen to them at work - when I had my own office and could listen to music. I surprised myself by remembering the words - all I ever wanted, everything I've waited for, build my world around you... I met the man who sang it once and he told me that he'd written it for a very special person. I'm blanking out on his name but I was surprised at how small he was - pictures of him always seemed so big, but maybe it was just the hair (late 80's, you know). I pulled out another tape that my brother had made for me - beautiful stuff that should've gotten more popular than it did - if wishes were horses, then dreamers would ride, baby. I need to get some itunes cards and make up some playlists. My tapes will be gone before long. I need to check out some new stuff, too. Maybe some of you could suggest things - or send a cd?? - that I may like. I suppose for now I'll listen to Stevie sing to the poet in her heart and let Debbie tell me that my hair is beautiful - and agree with Joey that I wanna be sedated! He he!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Baby is Nine

I'm a bit late with this - her birthday was a week ago - but my little girl is in the last year of single-digit ages. I'd planned to scan a picture of her when she was about two to show how much she's grown but the scan turned out all psychedellic and not exactly what I wanted, so I just have a current picture. She did her hair all by herself, too. Isn't she pretty? Before I know it she'll be all grown up. I hope she spends a little time right now enjoying being a kid - there's plenty of time for drama later in life.
I don't know about you, but I think this early cold weather is for the birds. Trick or treating will be no fun at all with a big coat and all the accessories. At least I have some nice warm socks to keep my toes from freezing!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Guess what! I'm now officially certified as a paraprofessional - a teacher's aide! This is a rather big deal for mee. See, I didn't finish college or beauty school. I was discharged from Air Force basic training. Heck, I'm divorced! Sensing a theme here? I'm not much of a finisher. I was encouraged to be a teacher's aide by my friends Cheley and Ruth. The crazy part is that I didn't take a class and barely studied. I passed - highly - on my own brain alone. I am now able to work with other people's children and help them learn. Of course, now I have to wait for an opening and apply for it, but I'm a step closer than I was!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stop Scaring the Kids!

Apparently this year at school the teachers have decided to essentially lead the kids to believe that the swine flu is out to kill them. I think that the kids should be told to wash their hands and not cough in each others' faces to avoid spreading all germs rather than stress flu shots and hand sanitizer. I spent an evening trying to convince the boy child that he wasn't going to die. He was very upset that he had a headache and was convinced that the swine flu was killing him. I keep telling them that plenty of people have survived this flu, just like people survive all flus. Being a passive person I'd rather some other parents call the school and complain - but I suppose it's time to step up to the mommy plate and try to score a run in sanity. Heh - I don't exactly have much experience with sanity so it's probably going to be hard on my brain.
In other news, not much is going on. I'm remaking my monthly meal schedule to allow for new things and less frozen pizza - we love pizza but it's become my go-to meal more often than not. Summer food is hard for me for some reason. I'm much better making cold-weather comfort food - chili, meatloaf, lasagna, things like that.
I'm on the lookout for some comfortable yet cool steampunky pants. If anyone finds some, please let me know - retail or a sewing pattern. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Family Member and Other News

Happy September, my friends! Crappy August is finally over - thank goodness! The kids are in school, the House Cup is starting a new term, and I'm back to days of quiet in which to get my work done.

The little guy in the picture is Bob. Khloe found him in the yard and has adopted him. He's got a nice little home with dirt to dig in, a teacup of water, and crickets for snacks. Why did she name him Bob? Apparently he reminds her of me. I'm cool with that - I've been compared to worse in my days! Bob is a cute little guy - he sits on the pile of dirt and watches people. He sat waiting for Khloe last weekend - she was with her dad - and didn't snuggle down in his hole until she came home. She's very attached to him and plays with him alot. Unfortunately she now believes that she's responsible enough for a fuzzy rodent-type pet. Sigh.

Last month was unusually cool - I drained the pool because it just wasn't swimming weather. I got alot of knitting done. We had a knitalong in the House Cup for the Ice Queen pattern from knitty - a beautiful beaded lace cowl that's had my eye for the past year. I dyed some merino-silk laceweight from Knit Picks to make it. My dye job is perfect - rick, jewely blue with the shine from the silk and depth in the wool. GazeboGal, my friend and hero, sent me some gorgeous bronze beads. My new cowl is perfectly Ravenclaw! I finished my Ravenclap, too - the huge blue and silver clapotis that was supposed to be done for the movie release but didn't quite get there. It's great. I have some of the second skein left so I've been thinking about knitting something small with it and dyeing it dark red so the stripes will be red and violet. I also squeezed in a couple of pairs of socks for the Summer of Socks. The Horcrux pattern was so easy and fast to make. The zigzags don't show as much on mine as they do on others I've seen but they'llbe hidden by jeans so it doesn't matter. They're knit in Socks that Rock - I love the fabric that STR makes when knit up. It's nice and solid and squishy. The Lenore pattern was fun. The cuff is a cool diamond pattern and then the eyelets down the foot look nice. I made them in Handgefaerbt - my favorite sock yarn. I have enough left from the skein for another pair of socks.
Obviously I still can't get the pictures where they need to be. Please, if you can help me with my lacking computer skills, come over and show me. I'll make cookies! We've been having alot of issues with this computer lately. Maybe I have worn it out.
I don't know how many of you watch pro wrestling. On Monday nights there's now a guest host who runs the matches and such. I want to do it! Of course, being surrounded by all of the eye candy would probably make me speechless, but it would be fun to try. Too bad the Rock wouldn't be there - he's a bronzed nugget of man candy with humor and great teeth - and y'all know it! Mrow, baby!
Yesterday I discovered a show on the History Channel called Clash of the Gods - it's about the characters in Greek mythology. I've been interested in mythology since junior high school. But - the show reminded me that I still haven't read the final Percy Jackson book! Don't yell at me, Holly, I know I'm slacking! So, I got it out and read until midnight last night and am ready to get on it again this morning. Actually, I want to read all of them again. I love the series. It's really a fun way to mix the old and modern. I thought about sending the first book with the swap that I'm in - but I'm going to be selfish and keep it here in case boy child wants to start it. (he's rather interested in mythology, too!)
Yes, I'm in a swap! I'm excited, too. It's in the Battlestar Galactica group that I'm in. The idea is to send your partner something from stash! My partner likes books, too, so I've got a book from my library for her and I'm knitting a little something for her. I need to ask her about colors - she likes red and wouldn't you just know that there's really no red in my stash! Now, if she was a purple person I'd have no troubles at all!
In the next few days I plan to do a bit of redecorating the blog. Don't be surprised if things look different! I'm compiling some new links and deciding what can be gotten rid of. I may find some new wallpaper, too.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Afternoon at the Park

There's a huge park in our town that has lots of lakes, wildlife, and walking paths. Since Eric is on vacation this week we decided to take the kids there to feed the fish and geese and let them play on the playground - and hopefully tire them out so they won't stay up all night again. It was a warm day but the park is very open so there was a really nice breeze. We had a really nice time. Unfortunately, the girls were up all night again. Oh, well.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Doctor Bobbilicious

I was listening to a Dr Who podcast yesterday and one of the hosts is a prolific Who scarf knitter - she can make one in two weeks. Now, for those of you who don't know, a Dr Who scarf is about 18 feet long and is a bunch of colors in a certain order depending on which season the knitter is recreating. It's huge. So, as I listened and cleaned the lonely, unused pool, I decided to make my own scarf - but not in the colors of the show - brown and golds and such that don't attract me at all. I'm going to pick a scheme from one of the seasons and use my signature colors - the ones that make my friends say "Oh, that's a color Bobbi would like" and make myself a Doctor Bobbilicious scarf. Besides, I have some things in common with the doctor - not the time travel ability, unfortunately, or maybe fortunately - I can see myself travelling back and getting wasted on moonshine with my grandpa or something equally inappropriate (although I'd probably get to know him!) I, like the Doctor, have a constant stream of thoughts and conversations in my head - no, I don't need medicated! I also can fix the things that need fixed, either with my unsonic screwdriver or some glue from my collection. I sometimes talk too much and too fast and love bananas. I would love to be his companion even though he seems to be attracted to Gryffindors even though he's clearly a Ravenclaw. So anyway I'm going to start working on a scarf. I'll keep you posted on how it's going.
I've been listening to Cast On again, now that I can forward through the music, and have been thinking about her series "Make Do and Mend". She's been inspired by WW2 ads for making do when times are tough. Well, things have gotten a bit, well, tight around here lately. I have alot of skills (not to brag, but I do) that I should really be using to stretch everything - clothes, meals, etc. I know I'll be making some Christmas gifts - because even though the kids all want new fancy-schmancy cell phones they're not getting them. No laptops, either. I told them that they're all getting hats and socks! Poor Jake had the most horrified look on his face but said he believes me. Smart boy. I've been working hard on my Amazon problem and doing well, I must say. I need to save my honey some money because I tend to spoil myself a bit too much and he's really not too happy with me about it. (the pouty puppy face has no effect at all on him - I've tried!)
It's almost time for the kids to go back to school. My boy will be in middle school this year. Tomorrow is orientation. I'll walk around the building with him and check out his locker and be sad that the little chubby baby is so big now as all moms probably do. It's going to be fun. Getting us all up and ready to go, however, well, that won't be fun at all!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hot Locks and the Half-Blood Prince

That's me- the back of my head with my new purple hair. The sunlight makes it a bit lighter but you can still see it. I like my hair. I spent years fighting it - always crying becuse it's not straight and I couldn't style it like everyone else did. When I was poor and married I just let it grow - and when I was expecting the kids it was to my waist. I had more hair than I ever imagined. People used to look at me - I told myself all the time it's the hair and not the crappy old car or the look of despiration I always wore. Pride in my hair kind of stuck. I got alot of grays while I was married so I have to color it alot and that's where the purple comes in - my roots started to show and I wanted something a bit more fun than brown. I don't care if people look at me now - I still tell myself it's the hair and not the chatty grubby kids I always seem to have around me. Of course, Khloe is getting looked at, too. Those of you who know hew know that she's very beautiful with gorgeous eyes. I tell her that's why people look but she thinks people are making fun of her. I'll keep trying to convince her otherwise and someday maybe she'll believe me.
Yesterday the kids and I went to see the new Harry Potter movie.Kerry and I have read the book and had told Khloe about alot of it. She's not as much of a HP fan as I would like but she came with us - of course, I agreed to take her to see Ice Age 3 as a bribe. About halfway through the movie she got interested and asked questions. I told her that apparating is like how Doctor Who travels in the Tardis - disappears and reappears. Then, of course, she asked if the vanishing cabinets were bigger on the inside. I hugged her with pride and told her no, they're just boxes. And then the end came - and she cried and cried - all the way home. People outside the theater gave us sympathetic looks. I tried to explain it all to her - why Snape did it and that Dumbledore was sick but she was too upset. We'll talk about it again and I'll help her understand why her favorite person died. Jenny had it tougher - her daughter is a huge Snape fan and was very upset about it from the other side - why would her favorite person do that? Ah, kids. At least my baby girl is on the path of sci-fi geekdom already. Momma's so proud!
In my quest to find the perfect perfume oil I have found a Fragrance Goddess. Her etsy shop is Velvet Moon Bathery - I'll link her, don't worry. I got several samples from her and they're magnificent - even the ones I don't like as much are still really good. Her scents are smooth and warm and last for hours - they're not loud or too strong and don't clear the room like some I've tried. I will share my samples with anyone who asks - yes, mom, I'll give you a couple, don't worry. If you order from her you can tell her I sent you - I won't get a discount but I'd like for her to know that I'm talking about her.
My boy will be starting middle school this fall. He's getting so big. I have the mom thing of thinking about him as a baby still, taking his first steps and running around the house with a big bouncy ball wanting to play with the big boys walking down the street. We got the letter about fifth grade orientation and registration and when he can try out his locker combination and check out the school. I'm so nervous and excited for him. Are all moms like this? Does the excitement ever wear off? I hope not - it's keeping me from sinking into a middle aged rut of boredom.
I've been rewatching Battlestar Galactica. Have you seen it? It's really a great show. I was invited to join a kal group on ravelry and it's been fun discussing the characters with other fans. I was selected to be in the Galactica crew. My ship colors are blue and gray - same as Ravenclaw! I need some dark blue cotton for some dishcloths - the assignment is to make dishcloths with the logo on them. I plan to make them as a gift for someone - another sci-fi geek who I admire. I also joined the Team Galactica for Tour de Fleece even though it's almost over.
I think that's about it. I need to turn in some assignments for the House Cup and get busy on my OWL. Until later, my friends!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

What a Week

Sorry it's been so long. I was going to post several days ago when I dyed my hair a magnificent shade of magenta called "Deadly Nightshade". Well, I had some trouble getting a picture and then...insert the dun dun dunnn music...
Khloe got sick. Really sick. She has an infection in both ears and strep throat. She's been in alot of pain all night and we're both exhausted. I've had her resting on my heating pad and called the doctor for a strong pain medicine for her - ibuprofen hasn't been cutting it. Thank goodness she's feeling better finally and is spending the night with Grandma. Thank goodness Grandma is available - the dad skipped out of having his kids (again) when he found out that she's been ill. You know, this mom job is alot harder than it's made out to be. There are no designated hours and no instruction manual. I'm glad that I get a break once in awhile!
Since it's been a long and groggy week there's been no making of things on my part. Khloe, however, has made another felt flower barette. It's on her new blog which I will link to on the sidebar. She wants to sell it on etsy. I may wind up buying it from her because I'm in a flower-in-my-hair kind of mood these days. If anyone is interested in it, let us know. Maybe if you ask her she'll make you one!
Last week was hot and nasty and we spent every day in the pool. This week we're all peeling. Let's just say that someone (coughmecough) is lax with the sunscreen. Isn't it funny that when we were young the highest SPF was 15? Now everything is 30 or more. I need to get something strong and waterproof for the kids so they don't get spotty like I am lately. Suggestions?
Lastly, I have a ripe tomato! Yay!
See you all later. I'm ready for a nap.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Recently I have become a big fan of audiobook podcasts. I'm very addicted to one called Antithesis right now - a scifi adventure with lots of stories all tangled together. Through that I found a site called podiobooks - a whole site of podcast books. It's amazing. The books are free but donations are accepted and go to the author. My ipod is full of books and podcasts now - I barely have room for music!
Listening to great writing reminds me that I, long ago, wanted to be a writer. I used to spend alot of time writing stories and poems about anything. It's been a long time since I've done any, though. When I was younger I was so much smarter than I am now. I'm not sure what happened - is it talking to children, chemical dependency (caffeine and nutrasweet), television - I just don't have the language skills that I used to. The kids are shocked at how high my ACT score was because I guess I don't seem like much to them now. I should read more, actually see words rather than listen to them. Any advice?
I'm in love with the new phones. I dream of an Envy 3 or Touch - able to Tweet, blog, surf, keep in touch whereever I am. Unfortunately I don't have much reason to go anywhere since I'm not working. I'm also not in a position to need the constant communication with people. I would love to think that everyone wants to talk to me alot - the truth is that two people call me regularly. When I had a cell it barely got used. It made me sad, actually. When I start working again I will get a super new phone with as many bells and whistles as possible. Just don't be surprised if I ask for your number to text you - just to get my money's worth out of it!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I don't have much to talk about in the knitting world - my hands are acting up again. I have done a bit of spinning and will show it to you when it's done. We all got our summer haircuts yesterday and I thought I'd share my curly, messy style. Of course, I'm a bit shiny - that's what humidity does to me.
That's all for now. See you again soon!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crafty Khloe

The other day Khloe was upset because the boys - Kerry and his friend Jacob - wouldn't play with her. I tried everything to settle her down. Nothing worked until I asked if she wanted to do some sewing. I thought we'd do some tee shirt recons but she, of course, had another idea: a tee shirt pillow for Grandma. It's kind of big and a bit lumpy but very squishy - perfect for Grandma to nap on!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bartering? Anyone?

Happy Saturday everyone! It's cool and damp here, not very June-like at all. I hope it's nice where you are - or at least you're having a wonderful day.

I have a favorite zinester who writes the Thrifty Vegan series. No, I'm not vegan - right now - but the zines have alot of great information, recipies, tips... all kinds of goodies. She talks in one issue about bartering. I really love the idea. In fact, she and I have discussed a trade - she enjoys handknit washcloths and she makes soap. Well, I can knit cloths for her - any style she wants. I believe I've mentioned that I love handmade soap. She's on vacation right now so talks are on hold but I'm rather excited about it.

Here's a proposal for any of you - I would love to trade or barter. You all know what I do - knit, crochet, a bit of sewing, make cookies...make me an offer. What do you do? Leather working, metal, wood, music, anything? If you're close-ish we can discuss haircuts, tattoos, piercing, get the idea. If you're interested, if you've seen something that you like, if you have something that you know I'd be interested in - let me know! Comment here, email, call, come over. I'm bobbilicious on ravelry and MsBobbilicious on twitter. I'm serious! Let's start a barter/trade/swap network of sorts.
I'll go for now. I really need to get to work on my House Cup assignments and the OWL that may be a bit of a stretch - oh, and quiddich. I'll have some pictures of various things soon - promise!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I've had 800 people read this blog! Eight hundred! That's alot of eyes checking out my stuff.
Today is the first day of summer vacation. It's crappy outside. Doesn't that about figure? Khloe, however, is away with her dad in Tennessee. She called yesterday to tell me that she got to ride a horse. When I get a picture I'll share it with you all. She's thrilled about it. I kept asking about different things and she went back to the horse.
I got a cd in the mail with instructions for making boots. I am so excited - imagine all of the spectacular boots I could have! Once I read through it all I'll be on the hunt for materials. I'm thinking cheetah print and something shiny and black for starters then work to some that lace up like granny boots. If I had the legs I'd be all out for some thigh-high spike heeled fabulousness - alas, my legs are much too short and curvy for such styles.
I was listening to a Doctor Who podcast this morning and they had an interesting talk about Easter eggs on dvds. I have a strong urge now to go through all of my dvds to see if there are any hidden gems. What's hidden in Battlestar Galactica? I can't wait to see!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thank You, Thank You, Anna

I must thank the beautiful and talented Anna for her help with pictures. I should have known she could help - check out her blog (Knitting up a Storm) and see how gorgeous her pictures are. She also designs great stuff and has done some yarn clubs - not recently, though, thank goodness because I'm so broke it hurts. I have no pics to share today, though. There are some things done but I just haven't done the ravelry adding yet, so nothing good to see.
I recently knit a halter top for Eric's little niece. It's seriously funny making a "cup" for a one-year-old. Really. Of course, I held it up and told girl child that it was going to be my bikini this summer. She did not approve. I'm making a little top for the other niece right now. Little clothes get done really fast. I should make baby things just for the satisfaction of finishing something. Actually, I'm making some baby socks for quiddich - that should take about 15 minutes or so. I haven't felt much like making things, though. It's been so hot and humid that the yarn sticks to my hands. I haven't spun, either - I would be so covered in roving that I'd look like dayglo Bigfoot.
I got my yearly super sunburn this weekend. You would think that by now I'd know to put on some sunscreen but I start working and loose track of time and spend the next few days hurting and itching. The pool's clean, though, and ready to fill when the rain stops and I can get the ring inflated.
That's all for today - short and sweet, just like me!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jasmin Rocks!

I must loudly thank the lovely Miss Jasmin for teaching me how to avoid the dreaded podcast music. I'd hug her if my arms were long enough. If you don't know her, shame! She has a podcast called Knitmore Girls that I love so very much. She and her mom discuss knitting, spinning, and various other things - please check them out. Her mom has a German accent - my great-grandma had an accent and I like to pretend that I'm listening to my ancester teach me knitting sometimes. Cheesy, yes, but cheesiness kind of rules my life. (Eric is from Wisconsin, after all!)

So my reading habits are *finally* ifluncing my offspring. Boy child is reading the wonders of Harry Potter! We've even discussed the movie differences! Yay! He's spent his week of grounding playing quiddich with his wrestling action figures, so I made him a little something: okay, pretend that the pictures are here instead of at the top. (I'm so not a computer person!) Yes, that's Harry and Ginny ready to go - okay, it's hard to imagine a Weasley with boobs like that, but he's pretending, remember!
Summer is coming fast, my friends! Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Please Help!!!

Please, someone, tell me how to fast forward on my ipod nano. I'm so tired of having to listen to stupid songs in the middle of podcasts. Honestly, the podcasters must be joking - that many people can't have such bad taste.
Thank you.

Friday, May 8, 2009

May Flowers!

Please note - for some reason blogger isn't letting me move the pictures around where they need to go. I hope it's not too messy and confusing for anyone. If you can offer any help, please let me know how to fix the problem! Thank you.

It's getting so pretty outside! I love when the lilacs bloom. They're so pretty and smell so sweet and fresh. We have lilac bushes all over our yard and it's like a purple fence when they're all blooming together.

Yes, that's a topsy-turvy tomato planter. Mom gave it to me for Mother's Day (along with the Mighty Mend-it glue, yay!). I planted a variety that's supposed to give us tomatoes in 45 days or so. It's a cool idea - I put it where the plant will get lots of sunlight so it should do really well. I also put some plants below it. Before long we'll be having BLT's all the time!

I couldn't resist the beautiful coleus and bugleweed. The colors really add to the yard. I've not had either type of plant before so I hope I can take care of them right. Of course, the flowers were on sale as well so Khloe and I picked out a few to decorate the front yard. Aren't they great? Khloe picked out and planted the really bright ones - they're so cheerful.

I recently ordered a bottle of perfume oil from Happy Housewife. It's called Seance and I love it! (Miss Violet, if you have any extra that you need to get rid of, feel free to send them here!) It's a bit sweet but also musky and rich - I don't really know how to describe it. I was kind of surprised at how big the bottle is - it's a really good deal. Violet is really generous with her stuff. I love handmade perfume oils anyway. Etsy is so great for scents. I got a solid perfume called Comfy Sweater from Poppy Lane that's wonderful and delicious. Seriously, if you're looking for a new fragrance you should really check out etsy or Violet. Besides a great new fragrance you usually get a sample or two of other selections.

Speaking of free samples, what do you think of me giving a sample skein or two with each yarn purchase? I really need to find a way to thank my customers besides just a note. Any ideas?

Well, I'm off to life now. See you later!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Tweets and Stuff

Gosh, my head is full of stuff to talk about - let's see if it will all get out properly.

I'm loving Twitter. Seriously. It's so much cooler than furoms - it's much more conversational. I feel like I'm actually getting to know people who I've known online for awhile. I'm following Stevie Nicks, too, which is so cool except that she rarely tweets. Maybe I should just message her or something - not in a stalkery way, though - don't want to get blocked!

Speaking of Stevie, I just finished a pair of soks called Rhiannon. They're designed by Renee Leverington and are probably the fastest socks ever, and not just because they're anlkets, either. It's a beautiful pattern. I must make some in other colors now. The yarn I used is from the Raven series from Blue Moon - so pretty but my fingers were black from working with it. I had no problems using black on small needles, either, which pleased me since I love black and plan to make more with it. Why Rhiannon, you ask? Why, that's girl child's middle name! I love Fleetwood Mac, especially Stevie's songs. Of course, Khloe likes "Sara" better. Go figure! (I can't get the picture to move down here where it belongs, darn it!)

Today is the first day of the summer House Cup. I'm without a project right now waiting for the assignments to get posted and it's driving me crazy - I actually mopped the kitchen floor with all of the excited energy I have. I'm a mentor to the new kids, too, which means mainly that I help with any questions they may have and offer encouragement if they need it.

Last night I met with the local knitting group - it's in the school admin building! Most of the ladies work for the district. I had a great time - they're nice and fun and all knit, of course, and I am counting days until the next get-together. Yay!

Those of you who have known me for a few years know that I have a thing for shoes. Well, it's hitting me rather hard right now. I'm seriously aching for new sexy summery shoes and lots of them. (no, mom,I haven't gone crazy shopping, don't worry) However, while browsing the internet this morning I found a site called Good Goth. Oh. My. Goodness! (I'll link it on the side) I just looked at the sale section and couldn't breathe. If any of you want to, oh, get me a Mother's Day gift or a May Day gift or just a little something because you love me - I wear an 8 and would like about any of the heels they have - Mary Janes, boots, whatever. Not kidding. Actually, if someone has some hot shoes they don't want anymore let me know. I'd like some granny boots, too, if anyone sees any.

Okay, enough pleaing for gifts. The door to my brain closed - maybe I don't type fast enough for it or something. So happy May everyone! Enjoy the weekend and I'll be back soon!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Look at This!

My Khloe made a beautiful flower barette for me. It's needle felted. She did a wonderful job on it - I feel like doing some Latin dancing around the living room. She's very creative and loves to make things as much as I do. Unfortunately she's about as, um, disorganized as I am , too, poor thing. I just wanted to show off my baby's talent. Let us know what you think!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Finally some Pictures!

Well, here are some things I made while the computer was down. The bright pair of socks are the BFF pattern from Cookie A. They were so nice and relaxing to make. Jennie and I did it as a KAL - appropriate since the yarn was a Christmas present from her. The darker pair are the Coiled Cable and Rib pattern from Knitting up a Storm. I finally made a pair with cables down the heels - very cool. I gave this pair to mom as a gift for her aunt - I'll be knitting up another pair for myself, though. They're really pretty and the pattern kept my attention - no wantering bad thoughts! The top is the B'licious tank that was designed for me. I'm the first to make one - it's wonderful! The stitch pattern is stretchy and comfortable and it's kind of dressy but not too much. I really want to find a pretty skirt to wear with it - someday I may need to look nice, you know.
I had a bonding moment with my girl child last week. We went to get our ears pierced together. I now have three holes in my lobes and a right upper piercing. She's trying again - the last time her ears got sore and we had to take the earrings out. We got matching CZ's - we like sparkles. When I got my ears done the first time my dad took me and my sister and then got us diamonds for Christmas. Maybe now he can get his princess some diamonds for her little ears. I told her that she's too young to go to a tattoo place but I'd take her to get one when she's old enough - if she wants. Heh, maybe we can get matching ink!
I joined Twitter this morning. I'm feeling rather in touch right now. I'm actually not at all a computer-savvy kind of person. In fact, I can't even find the cheat sheet for adding a text link for the patterns I mentioned above. But now I can tweet! I think there's a link here somewhere - I clicked on the profile page to connect my twitter to here. Add me to your list and I'll add you to mine - we can all get to know each other better! I just checked - no link. I'll see what I can do. Meanwhile, I'm MsBobbilicious there.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Yes, it's been awhile since my last post. Our computer has been down and in the shop. I think the kids lets some cyber germs in and killed us. It took some time to get used to not having it, too - after a couple of days curled up in the corner having withdrawals I decided to get busy so I wouldn't think about it as much. My biggest accomplishment was finally hanging the pleated shades in the living room and getting rid of the eight-foot-long (not kidding!) metal miniblind that came with the house. Now I want to go through my fabrics and make some shimmery drapiness to add to the sides. Of course, I have to use what I have because the evil w-word store has gotten rid of the best part of the store - fabric and crafts. I've heard that a few bits of yarn are left but not enough reason to go there anymore.
My baby boy turned ten recently. He'll be in middle school next year. Time sure does fly, doesn't it? Soon he'll be all grown up - and will probably still get chocolate on his face when he eats a fudge round.
I've apparently lost all of my knitting mojo. Nothing has grabbed my attention, all attempts to start a project have crashed, even the new Cookie A book doesn't have me scrambling for needles. It's so sad. I've been slowly working on a cami but it's got boo-boos and will most likely get frogged for lack of desire. Maybe it's all of the rain and surprise snow we've had lately. Surely a good day of fun in the sun would be helpful.
That darn Jennie has struck again, too. She has introduced me to the world of zines. Zines are little handmade magazines that cover any subject matter and are usually very inexpensive. I got one in pdf already and another is in the mail. She's written one. It's really funny. I'm thinking about it - but I'm still on the fence about it. You know I love making things but even I must get sleep sometimes!
No pics again....oh, before I forget...Jen and I have been exploring the world of artist trading cards. Some of the kids in my life have drawn some up and they'll be in the etsy shop soon in case you want to check them out. I just need to scan them and add them to the store. I haven't finished any yet (I'm more of a collage/fiber type of person) but they'll be along shortly. Keep an eye out!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I've decided on my marathon details. I'm starting on March first. I've gathered a bag of yarns - Lisa Sousa, Socks that Rock, Wollmeise, My own hand dyed - that I want to work with. It totals 5.9 miles! I've also gathered a bunch of patterns that I want to make including a couple of little sweaters that I've been thinking about for awhile. There's no finish date. I want to see how long it takes me to do it. In my favor, though, is the House Cup. March is the third month for assignments this term. I'm sure that a couple of assignments will fit in with my plan. April is a Fawkes knitalong. I won't be knitting the Fawkes pattern for personal reasons but I have a few flamey patterns and one called Ashes which is kind of appropriate. Here's a peek at the stash I've chosen:

Pretty stuff, huh?

Have a great weekend, all!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Evil, Evil Lime and Violet

I've been listening to old podcasts lately - mostly because if I appear to be absorbed in something then small people will leave me alone. I lately have listened to about, oh, twenty of the early Lime and Violet episodes - reliving all of the glory of Kiltboy, Hairy Moley Man, and the like. Well, they did it to me again. Just when I got to where I wasn't buying from etsy every time I checked out the show notes I listened to the enthusiasm of the then-new knitalong with the Lisa Sousa colorway. Out of curiosity I looked at the blog for it and fell in love with the yarn. You guessed it - a skein is coming my way. To be fair, though, my resistance is weak at Lisa's site anyway. She's so great with colors. Seriously - check it out. (Channeling Ms V!) The other great idea I've copied from them is the Sock Yarn Marathon. See, I have alot of sock yarn - I like to make socks and small things. I think it would be fun to see how much I could knit up in a designated amount of time. I'll be getting it all organized this week and deciding on a date. Anyone want to join me?
I have several things to show off - no pictures tonight, though. I have some mom stuff to do. You'll be seeing things soon, though, I promise.
Does anyone know how to spin a batt with a drop spindle? I have a gorgeous batt and am afraid to mess it up. Although, I suppose, it's all up to the artist, just like any fiber medium and whatever I do to it - spin, felt, glue, etc - is all personal choice and therefore not messed up. Yes, I referred to myself as an artist because I can. (I have an attitude right now - it's been a kid weekend and I can't discuss the details.)
I found out this past week that I walk unusually. Apparently I don't use my toes like I'm supposed to and that's part of why my feet hurt. It's always something.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I'm a huge fan of the Knitmore Girls podcast. I thought it was cute that Gigi will knit through all of the patterns in a book. I'm so easily distracted by all of the free new things that come up every day that sometimes I can't even concentrate on what I'm doing right now. However, I'm really considering the Gigi way. I've already discussed Inspired Cable Knits and will probably make alot of the projects in it. But then - have you seen the new French Girl Knits? Holy cow! Seriously, I want to make everything in it. If you're at all interested in romantic, elegant, bohemian chic then you must see this book. Actually, the patterns are so pretty that almost any style would work with it. It's also one of the books that lists the size of yarn used, not the exact yarn and makes you find what weight it is to sub it out. I much prefer the yarn listed as " x many yards of worsted weight, we used such-and-such". So go look at this book.
Do you listen to KnitTherapy? She mentions me in the latest episode. She has to have surgery again, so please pray for her!
No pictures again. Sorry. I don't have much to show right now but I'm working on some things and I saw a tripod at Dollar Tree that will alleviate the shaky hand problem.
Have a happy day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Guess What!!

I'm so excited and flattered right now. A sweet friend of mine, Gazebo Gal on ravelry, has written a pattern for me! It's called the B'licious tank. I'm itching to start it - but I can't find my size three needles, darn it. I can tell from reading the pattern that it's going to be a pretty top. I'll have to make myself something equally pretty to wear on my bottom half - a flowy skirt, maybe.
I've spent the past couple of nights spending quality time with the Doctor. David Tennant is so adorable and yummy. I know I'll miss him. I'm rewatching season four and it's so emotional for me - maybe it's the way Donna sees and reacts to the things that happen.
It's snowing again. I know it's still January but it's felt like a long winter.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A New Addiction

I have a new favorite thing that I wanted to share. When the boy child was a baby - about 9 years ago - I met with a lady from India who sells clothing out of her home. I bought a pashmina - a large shawl made of Himalayan cashmere. I never wore it because I didn't want to mess it up. I wrapped up in it recently since it's been so fracking cold and now I don't want to live without it. I found a few on ebay that are smaller and a bit thinner - nice but not exactly what I want. Of course, the ebay ones are a ton cheaper. I'm on the lookout for a couple more great big ones - four feet by six feet at least. While I'm looking I'll evjoy what I have and hope that you all get to wrap up in one. Don't think that I'm not still loving my handmade ones, though - I have a big crocheted stole on my chair for chill emergencies. As long as it's super cold out I'll be wrapped in something snuggly and hope you are, too.

I've finished my first House Cup assignment of this term - a patronus against seasonal depresson. What do you think? It's the tubey I'd planned made out of Simply Soft. It's not perfect but I like it.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Random Thoughts

I've had alot of little thoughts go through my brain recently and decided to share. Here goes!
First, I think it's so sad that kids only want money for gifts. Gifts are so special and personal and when you get The Gift from someone you love it makes your heart melt and your soul sing. I love when I find The Right Gift for someone - you know, the exact thing they would love that they would never think to look for on their own. If all you ever get is money and gift cards, how will you ever feel that warm, loving and loved feeling? Now, don't get me wrong, I like gift cards sometimes and I love the prepackaged gifty sets of bath stuff and candles and cologne, but a little something very personal is just so wonderful. Besides, the gifty stuff is much better at the clearance sale!
What is the big appeal of being bad? I've made it a lifestyle to be nice to people. Sometimes I slip a bit (crammed grocery stores, ex husband, etc) but I would rather have people think of me fondly rather than "that bitch". I mean, when I die I'd like for people to remember how I could have a conversation with a four-year-old that rambled like crazy or how I was an encouraging influence on someone. I'd hate to thing that anyone would say "man, I'm glad that rotten bitch is gone - the world is better off". Alot of the media seems to push the bad thing, though. It's hard to teach niceness to kids when all of the characters on television are sassy and mouthy and get into trouble - have you watched iCarly? Sam is bad. She's never adequately taken care of, either. Her badness overshadows Carly's niceness too much. (Spencer rocks. Just saying.) Let's all try to do nice things today - for family, friends, strangers, anyone. Let me know how you feel about the nice thing.
Jenny and I were talking the other day about the most popular knitting patterns on ravelry and it turns out that most of them are from knitty. Most of my projects are from knitty. It's absolutely possible to knit only from there and never get bored. The pattern archive covers any possible need or want - although I will most likely never make a womb. Amy Singer is such a genius. Tell me about your knitty thoughts! Share what you've made so we can admire your skills!
My parents and brother gave my new family a wii for Christmas this year. Eric is addicted. He spent all of last weekend playing Resident Evil 4, only stopping to sleep and get a beverage. It took him about 44 hours of game time to beat it. Now he's going through it again. I need to find him a new game - and find a new place to watch my shows!
I didn't make any resolutions. I have, however, given myself a fresh start by getting a pretty serious haircut. I'd had the same basic style for over 15 years. That's a really long time! Now it's shorter and curlier and alot more fun and fabulous. I've been wearing mascara, too. It's kind of fun to do housework with full makeup and a spritz of cologne - cheesy but fun. You should try it!
My Aunt Laurie has an etsy shop now - I'll be adding a link on the side. She sews beautiful bags and purses. My knitting bag is one that she made, in fact. She is an awesome sewer - she taught it for awhile and is so couture in quality. The bags are elegant and richly detailed. If you're in need please give her a look!
I think that's all for now. If any more thought come along I'll share them, too!
Have a great weekend!