Saturday, July 4, 2009

What a Week

Sorry it's been so long. I was going to post several days ago when I dyed my hair a magnificent shade of magenta called "Deadly Nightshade". Well, I had some trouble getting a picture and then...insert the dun dun dunnn music...
Khloe got sick. Really sick. She has an infection in both ears and strep throat. She's been in alot of pain all night and we're both exhausted. I've had her resting on my heating pad and called the doctor for a strong pain medicine for her - ibuprofen hasn't been cutting it. Thank goodness she's feeling better finally and is spending the night with Grandma. Thank goodness Grandma is available - the dad skipped out of having his kids (again) when he found out that she's been ill. You know, this mom job is alot harder than it's made out to be. There are no designated hours and no instruction manual. I'm glad that I get a break once in awhile!
Since it's been a long and groggy week there's been no making of things on my part. Khloe, however, has made another felt flower barette. It's on her new blog which I will link to on the sidebar. She wants to sell it on etsy. I may wind up buying it from her because I'm in a flower-in-my-hair kind of mood these days. If anyone is interested in it, let us know. Maybe if you ask her she'll make you one!
Last week was hot and nasty and we spent every day in the pool. This week we're all peeling. Let's just say that someone (coughmecough) is lax with the sunscreen. Isn't it funny that when we were young the highest SPF was 15? Now everything is 30 or more. I need to get something strong and waterproof for the kids so they don't get spotty like I am lately. Suggestions?
Lastly, I have a ripe tomato! Yay!
See you all later. I'm ready for a nap.

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