Monday, June 25, 2012

Tech Delimmas

Over the past two weeks I've had a lot of thoughts that I've wanted to blog about but was away from home. Of course, being me, I forget what was on my mind by the time I get to the computer. I think I'd like some sort of portable computing device. But - do I want a little purse-sized notebook? Would a tablet be the way to go? Which one? We do need a new home computer - one with super gaming powers for the boy child and great video viewing for the girl child and a bazillion bytes of memory. Are package deals available? Is that not a good plan? I get so overwhelmed by too many options.
I'm very disappointed and confused about the whole Ravelympics thing. I really don't see what the big deal is. My kids have Wacky Olympics every year at school. Is that copyright infringement?
Speaking of kids - Kerry was evaluated at Easter Seals last week. He has been officially diagnosed with Asberger's. Now the school and I can get together and get him on track. I'm so relieved to have information! It explains so much about my goofy little man.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Isn't This Cute?

Butterfly Dress Style

I love this dress and the idea behind it. It's two separate pieces that attach at the waist and shoulders. Unfortunately, they're really expensive. The website that sells them says that it's an authentic 50's style. Have any of you seen these before? I'd love to see some vintage pictures! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Miscellaneous Items from my Mind

Last night I was once again thinking about what to blog about. Know what happened next? I slept. All of the ideas are now gone. I know that the sidebar needs updating, and it will be happening soon. I want to redo the list of podcasts and add some of the blogs that have been keeping my attention. Khloe has gotten into makeup in a big way. She watches videos on youtube all the time - mostly product reviews, not the tutorials that would keep me glued to the screen. (There are so many retro tutes! Every decade! I have to keep myself away. Seriously.)When I was younger I loved makeup and how it could change my face so many different ways. You know the rest - now I'm getting obsessed with makeup again. The mom responsibilities have stayed at the front of the line - food before lipstick - but it's tough sometimes. Oh, the trauma of being a mother! I'm having some surgery in two weeks. It's even invading my dreams. Stressing has begun. I've made arrangements for the kids and boyfriend to be taken care of while I'm gone so no one will starve or be lonely. I've even been told that I'll have a visitor! Unfortunately I won't be able to attend my bestie's daughter's wedding. Dang it. I was looking forward to cake and dancing. I've been doing a lot of knitting lately, of course, but I also have gotten my sewing machine out and intend to get back to making things. The lovely clothes on the vintage fashion blogs have me drooling and I know that the only way I'll have the dresses is to make them - unless I hit a really good church sale or something, but what are the odds of that? I still want that DVF wrap dress, too. I think I have pattern that's a good copy, but the real deal still calls to me. I'm looking for some 30's - 50's dress patterns - flowy skirts and nicely collared tops. I love the look of shirtwaist dresses but the buttons scare the crap out of me. I suck at buttons. It's probably because I can't spread everything out to place the holes and make sure it's all perfect. Which reminds me - a few years ago I sent a package of things to my aunt to show her my clothes favorites. I haven't heard anything from her. I tried to email her and her adress is bad. I recently sent her a letter asking her to get in touch but haven't heard back. What should I do? I had some patterns in there that I'd like to sew up. Sorry there's no picture today. I'd take one of the baby birds that live on out porch but their parents would probably attack me. They're rather fierce. The babies are cute, though, and are growing like crazy. They're messy, too. The porch looks like a bird-poop bomb exploded. Oh! I remembered something pretty big. Yesterday I was watching a movie with Louise Brooks - a silent called The Diary of a Lost Girl. It was pretty dark and gritty and not what I was expecting from 1928. Khloe watched it with me and actually liked it. She said that it would be better with talking but it was good. I about fell out of my chair. It is a good movie, though. I highly recommend it. There's several pretty dresses, too, and Louise Brooks is gorgeous with that dark shiny hair and those dark eyes. That's about it for now. Thanks for joining me today - and be on the lookout for a new video!