Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Guess What!!

I'm so excited and flattered right now. A sweet friend of mine, Gazebo Gal on ravelry, has written a pattern for me! It's called the B'licious tank. I'm itching to start it - but I can't find my size three needles, darn it. I can tell from reading the pattern that it's going to be a pretty top. I'll have to make myself something equally pretty to wear on my bottom half - a flowy skirt, maybe.
I've spent the past couple of nights spending quality time with the Doctor. David Tennant is so adorable and yummy. I know I'll miss him. I'm rewatching season four and it's so emotional for me - maybe it's the way Donna sees and reacts to the things that happen.
It's snowing again. I know it's still January but it's felt like a long winter.

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Holly Bee said...

Oh Doctor, My Doctor!!!

Plus your own tank pattern?? AWESOME!!!!