Thursday, August 28, 2014


I finally was able to order a new computer and it will be here next week. Yay! Here's the part where the universe still sucks - as I was driving home with the kids Sunday evening (they spent the weekend with their dumbass dad) we had a tire blow out. We stood out in the heat and humidity trying to get the flat off (those lug nuts did not want to budge) until Eric came and put the spare on so we could get home. The kids learned to change a tire, though, and that people do ask if they can help if they see a car pulled over. More crappiness - their dad told them that we won't get any child support for a while so my tire won't get fixed and I won't be able to get my data transferred. Why no support? He hasn't been able to concentrate on work since his new wife left so instead of doing the job that the state knows about he's been playing gigs with his band and getting cash to live on. Pair that with me still not finding any work and, well, I'm in a very bad mood right now. My mom had surgery, again, on her hand. They replaced the knuckle at the base of her thumb with a plastic one. This is the second time - the first one got messed up. She's having a hard time with it and I can't help her out at all because I can't get there. If you could spare a healing energy vibe we would appreciate it. The kids are back in school. It's just me and the kitty all day again. He likes being able to sleep in peace and, honestly, so do I. Yep, I'm a napper! I'm trying to get the house back in order after our chaotic summer but I'm not in a hurry. I'm planning on doing some sewing, too, once i uncover the table. I have a big new container of buttons to sort through (there's a picture on my Instagram @MsBobbilicious) that has me wanting to make a shirtwaist dress or buttony skirt or something. I did make a bracelet out of some of the buttons and it looks cool. I'll instagram it today. As for new Doctor I am in love! Capaldi is brilliant. I can't wait to get my podcasts to see what they all think of him but I'm pretty sure they all love him, too. I'm not sure how I feel about the Chris Hardwick after-show. Maybe it needs a couple more episodes. Well, it's time to get these kids off to school. I'll be back! have a great day.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dark Anniversary

It's been about a year since I fell into this very deep depression. I've had a very hard time but it's getting a bit better. I'm working hard to get to the other side of this. I spend every day pep-talking myself, reminding myself of what I want to accomplish and what I have to live for. My good days are starting to outnumber my bad days finally. I found out, dramatically, that the people who I thought cared about me really didn't and that was a very hard blow. This period of not having my own computer and having no regular income are not helping - I can't take any online classes or keep up with the things that interest me and distract my brain from the negative thoughts. (I thought I had support with that, too, but no one seems to give a crap.) The kids and kitty have been quite helpful - they make me laugh nearly every day. Kerry has asked me to practice his football routes so I'm spending plenty of time outside getting fresh air and sunshine...although thunder cut our practice short yesterday. I'm not very good at passing a football but Kerry doesn't seem to mind. I just finished watching Freaks and Geeks on Netflix. It's one of the short-lived but brilliant shows that fans love so much. I loved it. Each of the characters is unique and fleshed-out and they all have realistic relationships with each other. It doesn't hurt that John Francis Daly, who plays Lance Sweets on Bones, is one of the main characters as a young teen and is so adorable. I can relate to the people in this show - I hung out with the burnouts in school and I've had a life-long desire to play Dungeons and Dragons. When I compare it to 90210, which Khloe just watched all of, I can't even believe that they're both about high schoolers. I guess viewers would rather have week after week of back-stabbing and screaming than realistic situations. The new season of Doctor Who starts really soon. I'm so excited! Every time the commercial is on my heart beats a little bit faster. Peter Capaldi is going to be amazing - he's so good in everything I've seen him in. There's a dinosaur in the commercial - I love dinosaurs! I like Clara as a companion, especially after the anniversary episode. I wish I could listen to all of the podcasts right now. I've missed six or seven episodes of each of the weekly ones. I'll bet that several of them have dissected the ad and have lots to say about every image. So, for now, I'd better get going. I've got some mom stuff to do and Candy Crush Saga to play.