Sunday, February 22, 2009

Evil, Evil Lime and Violet

I've been listening to old podcasts lately - mostly because if I appear to be absorbed in something then small people will leave me alone. I lately have listened to about, oh, twenty of the early Lime and Violet episodes - reliving all of the glory of Kiltboy, Hairy Moley Man, and the like. Well, they did it to me again. Just when I got to where I wasn't buying from etsy every time I checked out the show notes I listened to the enthusiasm of the then-new knitalong with the Lisa Sousa colorway. Out of curiosity I looked at the blog for it and fell in love with the yarn. You guessed it - a skein is coming my way. To be fair, though, my resistance is weak at Lisa's site anyway. She's so great with colors. Seriously - check it out. (Channeling Ms V!) The other great idea I've copied from them is the Sock Yarn Marathon. See, I have alot of sock yarn - I like to make socks and small things. I think it would be fun to see how much I could knit up in a designated amount of time. I'll be getting it all organized this week and deciding on a date. Anyone want to join me?
I have several things to show off - no pictures tonight, though. I have some mom stuff to do. You'll be seeing things soon, though, I promise.
Does anyone know how to spin a batt with a drop spindle? I have a gorgeous batt and am afraid to mess it up. Although, I suppose, it's all up to the artist, just like any fiber medium and whatever I do to it - spin, felt, glue, etc - is all personal choice and therefore not messed up. Yes, I referred to myself as an artist because I can. (I have an attitude right now - it's been a kid weekend and I can't discuss the details.)
I found out this past week that I walk unusually. Apparently I don't use my toes like I'm supposed to and that's part of why my feet hurt. It's always something.


BammerKT said...

You can do something called "stripping the batt" and turn it into roving. There are youtube videos on it. Have fun!

Holly Bee said...

I can spin with a drop spindle!! But yes, listen to BammerKT, youtube is the place for all things educational. Ok, you could check out those moosebutter guys singing star wars also. Still very educational.

Also-you almost tricked me into going to etsy too.