Thursday, February 26, 2009


I've decided on my marathon details. I'm starting on March first. I've gathered a bag of yarns - Lisa Sousa, Socks that Rock, Wollmeise, My own hand dyed - that I want to work with. It totals 5.9 miles! I've also gathered a bunch of patterns that I want to make including a couple of little sweaters that I've been thinking about for awhile. There's no finish date. I want to see how long it takes me to do it. In my favor, though, is the House Cup. March is the third month for assignments this term. I'm sure that a couple of assignments will fit in with my plan. April is a Fawkes knitalong. I won't be knitting the Fawkes pattern for personal reasons but I have a few flamey patterns and one called Ashes which is kind of appropriate. Here's a peek at the stash I've chosen:

Pretty stuff, huh?

Have a great weekend, all!

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