Monday, October 3, 2016

An Addition to the Family

Wow, it's been a while! September was a busy month, ending with Khloe's sixteenth birthday. My baby girl is driving now! One of her friends gave her an early gift:
a little kitten. I was not happy - the friend hadn't asked if she could give Khloe a living animal as a gift. We kept Joshua and this new baby separated for a week or so and gradually introduced them to each other. She, the new baby kitty, loves having a family and big brother. But don't let this face -
fool you - she's a little stinker. She's, of course, full of the energy all kittens have. She eats like a little pig and goes for Joshua's bowl first. I have to move her, several times, to the bowl of kitten food, but she usually ends up eating both. She drives her big brother crazy
by chasing his tail around while he's resting or pouncing on his head and chewing on his ear when he tries to nap. Then, when he decides to play back, she squawks and whines like he's being mean to her, like we all don't know that she started it. He's getting plenty of exercise chasing her through the house, which he needed. After a few hours of running around the house and being crazy they both settle to nap in the afternoon. It's really cute. She's a bit of a thief, stealing my chair
(yes, I need a new computer chair) and anything I may have on my lap, like my bookmark
to play with. She's much more interested in my knitting than Joshua ever was and tries to play with whatever I'm working on. She's got a sweet side, though, and Eric seems to enjoy having a bouncy kitten to play with now that Joshua has grown more to being big and lazy. So, that's been my month. I have a new baby to chase around now that my baby is all big and driving. What's new with you?