Thursday, July 30, 2009

Doctor Bobbilicious

I was listening to a Dr Who podcast yesterday and one of the hosts is a prolific Who scarf knitter - she can make one in two weeks. Now, for those of you who don't know, a Dr Who scarf is about 18 feet long and is a bunch of colors in a certain order depending on which season the knitter is recreating. It's huge. So, as I listened and cleaned the lonely, unused pool, I decided to make my own scarf - but not in the colors of the show - brown and golds and such that don't attract me at all. I'm going to pick a scheme from one of the seasons and use my signature colors - the ones that make my friends say "Oh, that's a color Bobbi would like" and make myself a Doctor Bobbilicious scarf. Besides, I have some things in common with the doctor - not the time travel ability, unfortunately, or maybe fortunately - I can see myself travelling back and getting wasted on moonshine with my grandpa or something equally inappropriate (although I'd probably get to know him!) I, like the Doctor, have a constant stream of thoughts and conversations in my head - no, I don't need medicated! I also can fix the things that need fixed, either with my unsonic screwdriver or some glue from my collection. I sometimes talk too much and too fast and love bananas. I would love to be his companion even though he seems to be attracted to Gryffindors even though he's clearly a Ravenclaw. So anyway I'm going to start working on a scarf. I'll keep you posted on how it's going.
I've been listening to Cast On again, now that I can forward through the music, and have been thinking about her series "Make Do and Mend". She's been inspired by WW2 ads for making do when times are tough. Well, things have gotten a bit, well, tight around here lately. I have alot of skills (not to brag, but I do) that I should really be using to stretch everything - clothes, meals, etc. I know I'll be making some Christmas gifts - because even though the kids all want new fancy-schmancy cell phones they're not getting them. No laptops, either. I told them that they're all getting hats and socks! Poor Jake had the most horrified look on his face but said he believes me. Smart boy. I've been working hard on my Amazon problem and doing well, I must say. I need to save my honey some money because I tend to spoil myself a bit too much and he's really not too happy with me about it. (the pouty puppy face has no effect at all on him - I've tried!)
It's almost time for the kids to go back to school. My boy will be in middle school this year. Tomorrow is orientation. I'll walk around the building with him and check out his locker and be sad that the little chubby baby is so big now as all moms probably do. It's going to be fun. Getting us all up and ready to go, however, well, that won't be fun at all!

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