Sunday, September 18, 2011


If you've seen my videos you know that I've been working on the Radian Yoke tee from Knitscene. Today I looked and realized that I had only one more skein left, so I decided to try it on. It looks terrible on me. So I frogged it. I've been knitting on this since June. I suppose I should have tried it long before now. Oh, well, you live and learn. Now I have the black sport weight cotton to make something else with - of course it will be another top.
Next week my boy child is having surgery on his leg. Sometime this week I'll hit the freaked out stress mode that I know is coming. I'll have to find some simple projects to work on since my brain will most likely be unable to concentrate on anything.
I'll let you know how things go for him, don't worry. Have a great week!