Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thank You, Thank You, Anna

I must thank the beautiful and talented Anna for her help with pictures. I should have known she could help - check out her blog (Knitting up a Storm) and see how gorgeous her pictures are. She also designs great stuff and has done some yarn clubs - not recently, though, thank goodness because I'm so broke it hurts. I have no pics to share today, though. There are some things done but I just haven't done the ravelry adding yet, so nothing good to see.
I recently knit a halter top for Eric's little niece. It's seriously funny making a "cup" for a one-year-old. Really. Of course, I held it up and told girl child that it was going to be my bikini this summer. She did not approve. I'm making a little top for the other niece right now. Little clothes get done really fast. I should make baby things just for the satisfaction of finishing something. Actually, I'm making some baby socks for quiddich - that should take about 15 minutes or so. I haven't felt much like making things, though. It's been so hot and humid that the yarn sticks to my hands. I haven't spun, either - I would be so covered in roving that I'd look like dayglo Bigfoot.
I got my yearly super sunburn this weekend. You would think that by now I'd know to put on some sunscreen but I start working and loose track of time and spend the next few days hurting and itching. The pool's clean, though, and ready to fill when the rain stops and I can get the ring inflated.
That's all for today - short and sweet, just like me!

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~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Omg. I went to just go check your update, and here I was right at the beginning of the post. I almost did a double-take. HA HA HA. Thanks girl! I'm a little too swamped to do clubs this year. I ordered a bunch of yarn, though, to do my Harry Potter and Twilight stuff though. I'll prob. have to restart up the knit clubs at the beginning of '10 when I'm married off and stuff and things get less chaotic. Did I really just type in '10? Golly...where have the years gone? '10!!

Hey, I know money's tight and stuff, but where you gonna go to the Midwest Fiber Fair this year? Just want to know if I'll be seeing a familiar face again. I probably won't be buying hardly anything...goodness knows im broke too!!!