Tuesday, August 7, 2018

July Roundup

I only finished one project last month. I've always loved big circle vests, and I won a pattern last winter, so it was time to get it made. The yarn is some I got when Kerry was a baby, so it's almost vintage. I used a bottle of dye from a tie-dye kit on the edge for some purple. It turned out pretty cool.
We also had a pageant! I'm so proud of Khloe. She really broke out of her comfort zone. Her dad and other grandma even came to see her, much to my surprise. The whole row of us teared up when she started singing.
It was a long night, but it was great. Sadly, she didn't win anything (but should have...grumble, grumble judges) but gained confidence in front of people and, according to her, the ability to smile for three hours straight. Now we're on to senior year of high school (already!) and all of those adventures. Are you wondering why I only made one thing? It's because I've been writing. There are always stories in my head, so I decided to start putting them on paper. No, it's not great, but I'm having fun with it. That's it for now. I hope your August has started well.