Friday, May 8, 2009

May Flowers!

Please note - for some reason blogger isn't letting me move the pictures around where they need to go. I hope it's not too messy and confusing for anyone. If you can offer any help, please let me know how to fix the problem! Thank you.

It's getting so pretty outside! I love when the lilacs bloom. They're so pretty and smell so sweet and fresh. We have lilac bushes all over our yard and it's like a purple fence when they're all blooming together.

Yes, that's a topsy-turvy tomato planter. Mom gave it to me for Mother's Day (along with the Mighty Mend-it glue, yay!). I planted a variety that's supposed to give us tomatoes in 45 days or so. It's a cool idea - I put it where the plant will get lots of sunlight so it should do really well. I also put some plants below it. Before long we'll be having BLT's all the time!

I couldn't resist the beautiful coleus and bugleweed. The colors really add to the yard. I've not had either type of plant before so I hope I can take care of them right. Of course, the flowers were on sale as well so Khloe and I picked out a few to decorate the front yard. Aren't they great? Khloe picked out and planted the really bright ones - they're so cheerful.

I recently ordered a bottle of perfume oil from Happy Housewife. It's called Seance and I love it! (Miss Violet, if you have any extra that you need to get rid of, feel free to send them here!) It's a bit sweet but also musky and rich - I don't really know how to describe it. I was kind of surprised at how big the bottle is - it's a really good deal. Violet is really generous with her stuff. I love handmade perfume oils anyway. Etsy is so great for scents. I got a solid perfume called Comfy Sweater from Poppy Lane that's wonderful and delicious. Seriously, if you're looking for a new fragrance you should really check out etsy or Violet. Besides a great new fragrance you usually get a sample or two of other selections.

Speaking of free samples, what do you think of me giving a sample skein or two with each yarn purchase? I really need to find a way to thank my customers besides just a note. Any ideas?

Well, I'm off to life now. See you later!

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~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Hey Bobbi,
Let's see if I can help. When the blogger pics are getting fussy, I highlight them and try to "center" them, or however you want to orient them. If they stil aren't budging, go to the html, and by the "align" part of it, type in "center" if it says "right" or "left."

For the spaces inbetween, hit the back space until the pics get closer. If none of this works...use photobucket. They will give you an html code and you can just paste it to the html section, and slide them around or center as you please.

Does this help some? It's hard to explain via text.