Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Manners Day

Today is Khloe's turn for the big Manners Lunch at school. I don't know what is actually taught - I've not met any kids in town with any real manners. But it's a day for the kids to dress up and go somewhere for lunch that's not the cafeteria. We made a last-minute trip to get a dress and shoes last night and here she is, my little Miss Manners! I don't know what's up with the facial expression. It was early when I took the picture, so maybe she's not fully awake. Here's the scene from two days ago - The kids had a snow day because the roads were nasty and slick. It's almost completely melted away now. I hope it's the last snow until next year. I'm ready for some warm sunshine!

Friday, March 22, 2013


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Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Big 1-4

It's that day again - the anniversary of me having a son. He's turning out to be quite a character. So here he is, fresh from his pre-school shower, ready to face the day: He asked if he could "do an Eric" here's that pose: Yep, honey's known for his middle finger. So happy birthday, my Ker-bear!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Yesterday I met my mom at Joanne Fabrics - she had asked me to order something for her and I thought that meeting at the fabric store would be fun. Look what I got The top left is a tie-dye with light gold designs. It's really soft and pretty. Top right is a deliciously soft rayon challis scarf panel. They didn't have challis yardage unfortunately but I love this design. It may become a top. The bottom row is all cotton - the Peoria Joanne's is heavy with quilting cotton but these are a bit softer and drapier than what quilting fabrics usually are. The polka dot ones are destined to be 50's shirtwaist dresses. The one on the right is called oil slick but I think it looks like marbled paper. It will be my wrap dress if I can get the pattern to work in the right direction (shouldn't be too hard). What looks like plain dark purple is actually glittery. There's less of it than the rest but enough for a skirt or pants if I slim down a bit. I mean, how can I resist glittery purple? They all need to be washed and preshrunk a bit before I start working with them - I have time while I adjust the patterns to my size. Speaking of - I've got the wrap bodice almost right - just a bit longer and it will be great. Then on to the skirt!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Awesome Alert

I recently came across this blog. I'm so seriously awed with this woman - look at her! She's gorgeous and is probably one of the most confident people ever...and the bracelets! I'm so very much wanting a couple of big silver cuffs now. She has an ebay shop but doesn't seem to have a link to it which is probably good - I'd be shopping like crazy. So if you're interested in a cool chick with style, check out her blog. In other style news, I've been seriously trying to find pictures of Buffy and friends but my cyber searching has been crap and the only screen shots I can find are faces. So, I've been taking pictures of the TV like a dork and will put up a picture as I'm working on outfits like the polka-dot shirtwaist that Anya wears. I've got some great patterns from the 50's and 60's for shirtwaist dresses and am planning a trip to Joanne Fabrics (it's a road trip to buy fabric, so much planning is involved) so I'll be showing you the progress soon. This weekend is Spring Ahead so don't forget to adjust your clocks!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Buffy Style

When we first got Netflix Khloe and I watched all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I'd heard so much about it but it aired when I was, for various reasons, unable to watch. Khloe and I really, really like it. Some of it annoyes me - the whole bad Angel stuff was kind of bleh to me. Well, I started watching it again a couple of weeks ago, skipping the episodes that I don't care for as much. Know what? I really like most of the clothes. In fact, Jenny was waring a skirt this morning (it's on the Chiller channel before school) that I'd really like for myself - bias-cut chiffon...I have a couple of dresses from the same time frame that are also the bias chiffony type. I'd love to find a pattern so I can make up a couple of skirts. I have some fabric just waiting to be sewn up. Tara wears a lot of the boho-Indian style of skirts and jeans that I've always liked but never owned but maybe I'll try to whip up a couple - I have some Indian clothes and saris that would work perfectly for both fabric and embellishment. As for Buffy herself, well, I've always been a fan of great boots. She's in the seasons where she wears pants - her high school days were all micro-minis that most of us (who have asses and thighs)would never be able to wear in public. Willow evolves into a cool gypsy look as she develops her powers. You know, I don't remember much about that people were wearing in real life during the Buffy years because I was busy with babies and such. Perhaps a Goodwill in a bigger city would have some of the looks that I'm eyeing. I know what you're thinking - where are the dress details? Well, I've been working on resizing the pattern. I've got the top cut out and ready to sew. I've just been, well, distracted a bit by my super hot honey...and preteen daughter drama. I'll be sewing up trials of the bodice until I get it just right and then will move on to the skirt. The problem is that I'm quite a bit bigger than the pattern in most areas so it's taken much research into how to adjust things. I want to get it done, though, because I want this dress in so many fabric! (Did I say that already?) I have a couple of others that I need to trace, too - some 50's ones from etsy that are my size but I don't want to mess up. I for got to mention Spike in my Buffy talk. What can I say? Jeans and black leather trench don't ever go out of style.