Friday, January 9, 2009

Random Thoughts

I've had alot of little thoughts go through my brain recently and decided to share. Here goes!
First, I think it's so sad that kids only want money for gifts. Gifts are so special and personal and when you get The Gift from someone you love it makes your heart melt and your soul sing. I love when I find The Right Gift for someone - you know, the exact thing they would love that they would never think to look for on their own. If all you ever get is money and gift cards, how will you ever feel that warm, loving and loved feeling? Now, don't get me wrong, I like gift cards sometimes and I love the prepackaged gifty sets of bath stuff and candles and cologne, but a little something very personal is just so wonderful. Besides, the gifty stuff is much better at the clearance sale!
What is the big appeal of being bad? I've made it a lifestyle to be nice to people. Sometimes I slip a bit (crammed grocery stores, ex husband, etc) but I would rather have people think of me fondly rather than "that bitch". I mean, when I die I'd like for people to remember how I could have a conversation with a four-year-old that rambled like crazy or how I was an encouraging influence on someone. I'd hate to thing that anyone would say "man, I'm glad that rotten bitch is gone - the world is better off". Alot of the media seems to push the bad thing, though. It's hard to teach niceness to kids when all of the characters on television are sassy and mouthy and get into trouble - have you watched iCarly? Sam is bad. She's never adequately taken care of, either. Her badness overshadows Carly's niceness too much. (Spencer rocks. Just saying.) Let's all try to do nice things today - for family, friends, strangers, anyone. Let me know how you feel about the nice thing.
Jenny and I were talking the other day about the most popular knitting patterns on ravelry and it turns out that most of them are from knitty. Most of my projects are from knitty. It's absolutely possible to knit only from there and never get bored. The pattern archive covers any possible need or want - although I will most likely never make a womb. Amy Singer is such a genius. Tell me about your knitty thoughts! Share what you've made so we can admire your skills!
My parents and brother gave my new family a wii for Christmas this year. Eric is addicted. He spent all of last weekend playing Resident Evil 4, only stopping to sleep and get a beverage. It took him about 44 hours of game time to beat it. Now he's going through it again. I need to find him a new game - and find a new place to watch my shows!
I didn't make any resolutions. I have, however, given myself a fresh start by getting a pretty serious haircut. I'd had the same basic style for over 15 years. That's a really long time! Now it's shorter and curlier and alot more fun and fabulous. I've been wearing mascara, too. It's kind of fun to do housework with full makeup and a spritz of cologne - cheesy but fun. You should try it!
My Aunt Laurie has an etsy shop now - I'll be adding a link on the side. She sews beautiful bags and purses. My knitting bag is one that she made, in fact. She is an awesome sewer - she taught it for awhile and is so couture in quality. The bags are elegant and richly detailed. If you're in need please give her a look!
I think that's all for now. If any more thought come along I'll share them, too!
Have a great weekend!

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Holly Bee said...

Haircut! Haircut! Good job making a fancy change!