Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bartering? Anyone?

Happy Saturday everyone! It's cool and damp here, not very June-like at all. I hope it's nice where you are - or at least you're having a wonderful day.

I have a favorite zinester who writes the Thrifty Vegan series. No, I'm not vegan - right now - but the zines have alot of great information, recipies, tips... all kinds of goodies. She talks in one issue about bartering. I really love the idea. In fact, she and I have discussed a trade - she enjoys handknit washcloths and she makes soap. Well, I can knit cloths for her - any style she wants. I believe I've mentioned that I love handmade soap. She's on vacation right now so talks are on hold but I'm rather excited about it.

Here's a proposal for any of you - I would love to trade or barter. You all know what I do - knit, crochet, a bit of sewing, make cookies...make me an offer. What do you do? Leather working, metal, wood, music, anything? If you're close-ish we can discuss haircuts, tattoos, piercing, get the idea. If you're interested, if you've seen something that you like, if you have something that you know I'd be interested in - let me know! Comment here, email, call, come over. I'm bobbilicious on ravelry and MsBobbilicious on twitter. I'm serious! Let's start a barter/trade/swap network of sorts.
I'll go for now. I really need to get to work on my House Cup assignments and the OWL that may be a bit of a stretch - oh, and quiddich. I'll have some pictures of various things soon - promise!

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giovanni.ando said...

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