Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wrackspurt attack

I had a list of everything I wanted to talk about - more shawls, mom retiring, gifts, etc - but my brain has been attacked by a wrackspurt and even the notes to myself aren't helping. I've done it to myself again. A couple of weeks ago I figured that there's plenty of time to make a few things for people for Christmas. Ha ha ha ha ha! Yes, I'm working on some things - but my dad isn't getting the socks that he asked for. Know why? Because a size twelve is a heck of alot of stockinette and I have kids for mental anguish so my knitting should relax me - not make me want to pierce myself with dpn's.
I'd really like a day of doing nothing but hanging out with the BFF at the farm supply store. I could look for unusual food stuff for my brother, she could get Chicken Poop for her hubby, we could laugh at the goofy things everywhere - and maybe buy ourselves some tools - and then go someplace with warm caffeinated beverages to talk about Harry and the Doctor and all of our other commonalities. (Chicken Poop, for those who don't know, is a brand of lip balm. She probably wouldn't buy him a bag of the real stuff.)
I need to clean out the corner of the room where our tree goes. The girl child is driving me crazy about getting it up. I don't really want to, though - Armand Assante is playing Odysseus on TV and I'm a huge fan of both mythology and handsome Italians.
Oh! Before I go, I added a link to the shopping section on the side. See it? I'll wait here while you check it out - it's the most gorgeous clothes......back? Why, I would love a gift certificate for my birthday! How thoughtful! No, I'm not full-on goth. It's mostly in my head because I've still not worked on my sewing skills - because there's no freaking sewing supply store around here! Grumble grumble grumble.
Okay, now I'll go. See you soon!

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~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Maybe you could make him anklets...that should shorten-up the project.

I wish you more time & worry-free thoughts,