Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Pretty Tree!

I just wanted to share a picture of my tree. We don't have any ornaments on it - might not put any on at all, either. The way the lights glow off of the white is festive enough for me.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanks, Bro

So I have this little brother. Well, little in that he's seven years younger. He's actually alot bigger than I am considering that I'm kind of the runt in the family. He's a great recipient of handmade gifts. A couple of years ago I crocheted him a pair of alien-faced hot pads and he uses them all the time. I've offered to knit him a wool sweater since there aren't any in the stores around here. He's kind of an outdorsey type of guy and spends alot of time bicycling all over and adventuring with his friends. He asked if he could send me a link for something he'd like to have made and of course I said yes and now I have a problem. He needs some cords. I love knottong cords and such - and the site he sent had links to some awesome knotwork sites. I've always wanted to make gorgeous knots - think of the closure possibilities for sweaters and bags! I could make some out of wires for shawl pins or other jewelry. I could combine all of my fibery stuff with some great cording and a big, spectacular knotted accent and just blow everyone away. I'm doomed. Do you see the problem? Yep - who's going to feed the kids? Ha ha!
This month, and a good part of last month, have been all about making things for others. It's really killing me. I usually only make stuff for me - being a spoiled little brat and all. Well, Anna Dalvi, the designer behind all of the gorgeous Mystic shawl knitalongs, has a new one that started today and it's free. I signed up last week for it and I think I'm going to cast on tonight. Maybe a few rows for yours truly will make the last of the gifts a bit less work.
For all of you in the big weather areas - drive carefully! I'll talk to you all again soon.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wrackspurt attack

I had a list of everything I wanted to talk about - more shawls, mom retiring, gifts, etc - but my brain has been attacked by a wrackspurt and even the notes to myself aren't helping. I've done it to myself again. A couple of weeks ago I figured that there's plenty of time to make a few things for people for Christmas. Ha ha ha ha ha! Yes, I'm working on some things - but my dad isn't getting the socks that he asked for. Know why? Because a size twelve is a heck of alot of stockinette and I have kids for mental anguish so my knitting should relax me - not make me want to pierce myself with dpn's.
I'd really like a day of doing nothing but hanging out with the BFF at the farm supply store. I could look for unusual food stuff for my brother, she could get Chicken Poop for her hubby, we could laugh at the goofy things everywhere - and maybe buy ourselves some tools - and then go someplace with warm caffeinated beverages to talk about Harry and the Doctor and all of our other commonalities. (Chicken Poop, for those who don't know, is a brand of lip balm. She probably wouldn't buy him a bag of the real stuff.)
I need to clean out the corner of the room where our tree goes. The girl child is driving me crazy about getting it up. I don't really want to, though - Armand Assante is playing Odysseus on TV and I'm a huge fan of both mythology and handsome Italians.
Oh! Before I go, I added a link to the shopping section on the side. See it? I'll wait here while you check it out - it's the most gorgeous clothes......back? Why, I would love a gift certificate for my birthday! How thoughtful! No, I'm not full-on goth. It's mostly in my head because I've still not worked on my sewing skills - because there's no freaking sewing supply store around here! Grumble grumble grumble.
Okay, now I'll go. See you soon!