Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jasmin Rocks!

I must loudly thank the lovely Miss Jasmin for teaching me how to avoid the dreaded podcast music. I'd hug her if my arms were long enough. If you don't know her, shame! She has a podcast called Knitmore Girls that I love so very much. She and her mom discuss knitting, spinning, and various other things - please check them out. Her mom has a German accent - my great-grandma had an accent and I like to pretend that I'm listening to my ancester teach me knitting sometimes. Cheesy, yes, but cheesiness kind of rules my life. (Eric is from Wisconsin, after all!)

So my reading habits are *finally* ifluncing my offspring. Boy child is reading the wonders of Harry Potter! We've even discussed the movie differences! Yay! He's spent his week of grounding playing quiddich with his wrestling action figures, so I made him a little something: okay, pretend that the pictures are here instead of at the top. (I'm so not a computer person!) Yes, that's Harry and Ginny ready to go - okay, it's hard to imagine a Weasley with boobs like that, but he's pretending, remember!
Summer is coming fast, my friends! Enjoy!

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