Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rain - Go Away!!

It's been raining for so long now that I don't remember warm sunshine. Know what else I don't remember? A clean, dry basement. Ours flooded - twice - last week. I have saved a little bt of my stash so far. I've lost, at least, two sewing machines and my beautiful Christmas tree. There's a ton to go through before I can get to the rest of my stash and see what's salvagable. I've stopped crying for now - we have a whole family room setup down there that's probably all ruined, not to mention the need to take apart woodwork and bleach the crap out of the walls to prevent any molding. I know I'll be crying more. Yesterday I made so many trips up and down the stairs that my legs don't want to work. My washer and dryer will be getting worked like crazy for a few days (better get some more detergent!) and the kids will be earning a few dollars tomorrow (no school - thank goodness). I thought about calling in for my counseling group tomorrow, but I think going would do me some good. The biggest problem? More rain in the forecast. Sometimes I really hate the weather.
Please send good thoughts if you can. I'll need the energy by the end of the week!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So Very Sad Today

One of the reasons that I'm sure there was Doctor Who in my childhood is a memory of Sarah Jane. She's the connection that I've always had with the show. I learned on Twitter this afternoon that she had passed away. I'm heartbroken. I had kind of hoped for more appearances on the show - and I'm barely familiar with her show. I'm going to spend some time with Netflix tonight, watching some of her Doctor and Sarah Jane adventures and missing her very, very much.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bad Knitter!

I recently noticed something - my ravelry project page is months behind. It's terrible. The knitmeter is probably even less caught up. Apparently my brain thinks the project is done when the ends are woven in and forgets the "share it with everyone" part. Well, it's supposed to rain for a few days. Maybe having to stay inside will motivate me to take some pictures...that and writing myself a big note.