Thursday, December 27, 2007

Knit-tastic Christmas!

I have to share all of the goodies I got this year. First, my mom gave me a ball winder. As Kerry shows, I had alot of fun making yarn cakes. That's just two evenings. I have much more yarn to cake up, but I'm afraid Eric might get annoyed if he sees how much yarn there really is.
Speaking of Eric, he got me the gorgeous and coveted Knit Picks Harmony dpn set. They are so smooth and light - I was knitting like a whirling dervish with them. I love them so much. He asked me if they're what are used to make socks. I said yes, and he wants some socks. Yay! My honey wants something made by me. I thought this day would never come.
This luscious merino yummyness is what my bestest friend Jenny gave me. It looks good enough to eat, and it's so soft and snuggly. There's 440 yards here - alot of yarn for one skein. I'm not looking for a project for it (one will come) and I'm not going to cake it. I can't cuddle with it if I cake it. It's made by Heavenly Hands Yarn Company. I'll be checking them out.
I finished one of the You Snag glovettes. It's a funny story. I had it finished and screwed it up, so I started it again. When I unwrapped my new dpn's I quickly went to switch them with the ones I was using. The pattern calls for a size 2 and the needles I was using said 2. Well, it turns out they are 2 mm! No wonder it was taking so long. I'll have to finish this pair on the small needles and make the next pair on the right size. I will be making another pair - they're very cool. I will also be making some Bellatrix Mitts, a pattern based on the Bellatrix socks that are so awesome (I'll be making them, too!). Actually, the to-do list just keeps growing every time I set my eyes on Ravelry.
I decided not to make military dishcloths for my friend at work. Why? Well, I hate to sound superstitious, but it just feels like I shouldn't, like if I do something will happen. The middle east is a scary place right now. I'll find something else for her.
I've been spending alot of time on etsy lately. Talk about great stuff. I've found all kinds of goodies. I try to tell people about it but they apparently don't hear me. Fine. I'll keep the finds to myself. I like to support my community anyway, and it's a great site for that.
My birthday is in two days! Maybe I'll get more knitting goodies!

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