Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas tree!!

I finally got the tree done. The kids didn't want to help this year. I love the big whiteness of it. The lights glow through the branches and reflect off the wall. It's very nice. The picture's a little blurry, but it's hard to get a good view of it. One of these years it will be done up all in purple. That's gonna be great.

I've been busy making dishcloths lately to give as gifts. The big white one is an Army eagle. I'm going to give it to my grandma. She'll like it. There's an apple that's going to Grandma Melaney along with a plain red and a plain white that's still in progress. A couple are for my mom, but I haven't decided which yet. Yes, that leaves some extra, but that's okay - I can always use some!

Still working on the You Snag glovettes. Since they're top down, I need to decide how far up my arm they should go. Roght now they're to my wrist. Maybe a couple more inches would be good. I'm getting alot better with the DPN's, though. I'll be using that skill alot.

We're home today - ice. School's closed because of ice. We're supposed to get more today, too. I'm glad I stocked up on food. All I've done is eat and knit.

I'm so loving etsy lately. I bought some wonderful dragon'sblood soap that's too pretty to use. I've bought some more soaps from her for gifts to go along with the dishcloths.

Yesterday I went over to Jenny's house, and she was magic-looping. It's very intriguing. She said it's faster than two socks on two circs. I think I need some long circulars now so she can teach me. That skill will come in handy, too.

As for Dad, he's doing great. The surgery was fast and he's recovering well. I'd like to find a knitted kidney pattern as a joke. I think he'd enjoy it. Khloe spent the night with them last Saturday and helped Mom make candies. But guess what - none of the candies were sent home with her. I had to call and complain, of course. Apparently they "forgot". Likely story.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I love your tree! I don't think I've actually seen a white one before, and it looks really good.

...also, yet another advocate for the magic loop here. It ensures that I'll get a pair of socks done at least every year instead of every two!