Tuesday, December 18, 2007

General Ramblings and Harry Potter

Eric bought me the latest Harry Potter movie as an early Christmas present on Saturday. I've watched it three times so far. I love so much about the world of HP. Right now I'm absolutely loving Molly. She's so wonderful. She leads her family so well. Yes, the twins are, um, something else, but they're good boys (and the actors are so good looking, aren't they?). I think that when you walk into her presence you would feel like you're home, whether at the Burrow or Order HQ. I adore the simple, family-oriented Christmas that the Weasleys have. Food, handmade gifts, family everywhere, what else is there, really? I would be so thrilled to get a gift from Molly's hands.
When I was at the Deathly Hallows book release I bought Charmed Knits on a whim. I'm so glad that I did. I'll be making one of the fab Weasley sweaters soon. I have some Fisherman's Wool that is the right gauge, I think. I love the house sweaters and the quiddich sweater, too. I'm a Ravenclaw, so I checked out Luna's house sweater closely to see how the stripes look. Now to find the right yarn. I'd so love a quiddich sweater but all the ribbing might make me crazy. (No comments! I know I'm already there!) If I find some good yarn for one I'll make it a long-term kinda project - not something I'll finish in the next month. I'm planning on making an Invisibility shawl, too. The yarn I have is purple, so I'd be quite visible in it unless I splurge on some pretty alpaca/silk from WEBS. Maybe black or dark gray would be nice - oohhh...the luscious Raven yarns! Perfect!
I messed up my dpn project. The bind-off went bad - too tight. I'll use a lifeline this time so I can undo it if necessary. Yes, I started all over. I'm still working on how to unknit. Besides, I could always use more practice.
It's one week until Christmas. I've done no shopping. I didn't get all of the dishcloths done. I don't even have any ideas. Oh, well. Eric and I will hit some stores this weekend and see what we can do. Better luck next year.
My sweater is going pretty good so far. I thought it was a hoodie, because the picture is rather unclear. Thank goodness it's not. I have alot of hair, and a hood underneath it would make me look like a hunchback. After working with so much cotton the wool feels funny. It looks good, though. It's an increase that I've never used before, so I get to learn a new trick. There's some nice cotton blend in my stash for the $5 in Paris sweater. I'll work on that while I make the Weasley sweater and start on one of the lace patterns accumulating on the couch. There's just not enough time to do everything! I need more hands or a housekeeper or something.
Are there any patterns besides dishcloths that incorporate the Sirius Black tattoo design? Does anyone know?
Well, it's late and these kids need to get to bed. Talk to you soon, all!

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