Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I did it

I've cast on a sweater. I'm so nervous - don't ask why, though. I've crocheted several sweaters without stress, and if I mess it up I can frog it. It's just time, though. My pattern collection is getting pretty big. I need to get busy using up my stash, too. I'm making the cover sweater of the new Creative Knitting, the Knit it Down sweater. I'm making it in some purple peruvian wool from elann. I think the yarn-pattern combo will look nice together. Heck, it's just yarn, it's not brain surgery. I was listening to knitherapy's podcast and she mentioned enjoying knitting. I need to remember that I love to knit. I can do it. Yeah.
I joined a dishcloth knitalong club yesterday. After spending many (too many) hours browsing the dishcloths on ravelry I noticed that the yahoo club has great patterns. So I joined. I've been pondering whether I should join the Punk Rock Knitters for almost two weeks, but there wasn't any thought about this. Maybe my subconscious knows that the practical, dishcloth me is much more dominant than the punky, rebellious me. Time sure flies. I guess it's time to get pierced again.
There's no school again today. We were supposed to get a big ice storm, but it's just rain. The roads are bad, though, so school cancelled. Kerry was already up when I found out, but Khloe slept until nine. Of course, she won't want to go to sleep tonite. I need to set up her mp3 player so she can listen to music in bed. If she cleans her room, she could find all of her cd's to put on it.
I've really gotten interested in living more naturally lately. Both of the kids have mild allergies and I'd like to help control it if possible. I also want to better by the earth, which led me to the whole world of dishcloths and reusable swiffer covers. ( I need to make more of those.) I would love to make my own beauty products. That would just be cool. I tend to get obsessed with things, so I need to take it easy and just do a few things at a time, like make up some floor cleaner from http://www.care2.com. It's a neat, informative site. Check it out.
Anna's contest this week is hard for me. What's my favorite Christmas memory? My strongest memory is my baby boy in the hospital getting help for his breathing. Not happy.Not festive. It was scary and nerve-wracking. I'm not going to enter this week. I'm sure she'll understand.
Well, back to my sweater.

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Eileen said...

Good for you! I hope your sweater turns out great!