Friday, May 1, 2009

Tweets and Stuff

Gosh, my head is full of stuff to talk about - let's see if it will all get out properly.

I'm loving Twitter. Seriously. It's so much cooler than furoms - it's much more conversational. I feel like I'm actually getting to know people who I've known online for awhile. I'm following Stevie Nicks, too, which is so cool except that she rarely tweets. Maybe I should just message her or something - not in a stalkery way, though - don't want to get blocked!

Speaking of Stevie, I just finished a pair of soks called Rhiannon. They're designed by Renee Leverington and are probably the fastest socks ever, and not just because they're anlkets, either. It's a beautiful pattern. I must make some in other colors now. The yarn I used is from the Raven series from Blue Moon - so pretty but my fingers were black from working with it. I had no problems using black on small needles, either, which pleased me since I love black and plan to make more with it. Why Rhiannon, you ask? Why, that's girl child's middle name! I love Fleetwood Mac, especially Stevie's songs. Of course, Khloe likes "Sara" better. Go figure! (I can't get the picture to move down here where it belongs, darn it!)

Today is the first day of the summer House Cup. I'm without a project right now waiting for the assignments to get posted and it's driving me crazy - I actually mopped the kitchen floor with all of the excited energy I have. I'm a mentor to the new kids, too, which means mainly that I help with any questions they may have and offer encouragement if they need it.

Last night I met with the local knitting group - it's in the school admin building! Most of the ladies work for the district. I had a great time - they're nice and fun and all knit, of course, and I am counting days until the next get-together. Yay!

Those of you who have known me for a few years know that I have a thing for shoes. Well, it's hitting me rather hard right now. I'm seriously aching for new sexy summery shoes and lots of them. (no, mom,I haven't gone crazy shopping, don't worry) However, while browsing the internet this morning I found a site called Good Goth. Oh. My. Goodness! (I'll link it on the side) I just looked at the sale section and couldn't breathe. If any of you want to, oh, get me a Mother's Day gift or a May Day gift or just a little something because you love me - I wear an 8 and would like about any of the heels they have - Mary Janes, boots, whatever. Not kidding. Actually, if someone has some hot shoes they don't want anymore let me know. I'd like some granny boots, too, if anyone sees any.

Okay, enough pleaing for gifts. The door to my brain closed - maybe I don't type fast enough for it or something. So happy May everyone! Enjoy the weekend and I'll be back soon!


Batty said...

Love those socks!

Holly Bee said...

Great socks! But seriously, now you have me feeling the dirty desire for shoes too!!

Tiffany said...

*starts stalking bobbi here now too* hehe heart the socks! know whatcha mean about glad we've started joining ranks on it. *gasps and squee's LOUDLY* thank you for mentioning that site!!!!!!!! they have the red mary janes I wanted *forever* ago on amazon but then they ran out!!!!