Thursday, July 3, 2008

RAKs, PIF, SoS....etc!

What a week. I've been very busy finishing up my first pair for Summer of Socks, which started on June 21. I'm very pleased with what I made. The pattern is from the new knitty - Spring Forward. It's apparently a very popular pattern and every pair that I've seen is pretty. Y'all should make it. The yarn is the Gatsby colorway from the KUAS club. You know, I'm not such a fan of green and yellow, but I really like this yarn alot and am looking forward to cooler weather so I can wear them.

The next pairs I'll be making are Jaywalkers and Monkeys. The plan is to alternate, but I tend to be obsessive, so we'll see.

I joined a Random Acts of Kindness group recently and have sent out several packages. The group is great - the gifts don't have to brand new, it can be stash that you won't use and other things like that. Of course, I have tons of stash, so some of it has new homes. One part of it is giveaways, so I have acquired some cool rainbow sock yarn, a handmade journal, and a sticker. I have a couple more boxes to send out today. Gotta spread the love.

Okay, here's a big one. I'm also in a group called Pay it Forward. Here's how it works - a friend is making a gift for me. I, in turn, make gifts for three other people, and those three make gifts for three more, and on and on. So, I would like three "angels" to make gifts for. Keep in mind how it works, though. If you would like for me to make you something, please contact me - comment here, email me, call me...however you want. I'll put up a post when the spots are full. Heh, now I'll know who my readers are! I almost forgot - there's a six month time frame. If I'm making something for you, I have until January to finish and get it to you, and it won't be your Christmas gift.

I picked a ripe tomato already! It was yummy, too. I get tickled by little things.

Stop by the store if you haven't already. We have new things going up soon, and feel free to make a request if you can't find what you need. Here are a couple of examples. They're called plumfetti and chaos. I'm very tempted to keep the purpleness, but I won't. I'll share. Besides, I can make more if I really need it.

Happy Fourth!

(sorry, I scrwewd up the picture placement, but I think you get the idea)


Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

Pretty yarn... *drool, slobber drool*

I'll be taking pics for the shop later today. Updating tonight or tomorrow!

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

But you don't have to make me anything. :) Just letting you know that I pop in here once in a while. It's good to get people to delurk. It's a sad thing that you could have so many readers, but very few commenters. that's what it's all about!

Great Gatsby socks! whoot whoot!!