Friday, July 11, 2008

The following is written by Khloe

i am a chef and i like cooking with my mommy!!!!!!

Okay, back to me now. Kerry has been in Chicago with his dad, so it's been a girl week. She and I have been having a good time, too. Of course, I'm sunburned again - we got to swim for two days, which was great. Last summer, when I worked, I only got to use the pool two or three times a month. Khloe and I just lounged back on the pool noodles and chatted. It was really nice.
I finished one Jaywalker and now am working on a Monkey. I'll have pics next time - this entry was spontaniously thought of by Little Girl. I've been experimenting with some new dye techniques, too.
Hmmm...I think the little chef needs to help her mommy make some brownies!

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Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

Hi, Khloe! :)

Bobbi... I wrote a new post this morning. Just for you. *snickerin'*