Monday, February 4, 2008

Stick a fork in 'em, baby!

My socks are done! Woo-hoo! I finished them Friday when we were home on a snow day and have worn them twice since. They're wonderful. I've started a second pair already. I did discover, however, that I am a loose knitter. I need to go down a needle size. I'll try to remember that in my enthusiasm.

Speaking of enthusiasm, Jenny took me to a real live yarn shop. Talk about heaven! I got some Artyarns Supermarino sock yarn on sale - enough for two pair. I also got some gorgeous Araucania kettle dyed sock yarn, purple of course. It's absolutely delicious. I think I got enough for about five pair, including a big skein of Opal for Eric. I also got some beautiful merino laceweight and some alpaca-silk laceweight. We had alot of fun in there squishing the yarns and looking at the pretty colors. I can't wait to go back. Then we went to Hobby Lobby and I got some yarn to make a lapghan for Erica - well, it wasn't bought with her in mind, but when we were in the car the lapghan idea came and then it had to be for her. It's some soft, snuggly Yarn Bee yarns in black and blue. I think she'll like it.

We have had the strangest weather lately. Friday we were snowed in, Saturday it melted, and last night it snowed pretty hard with thunder and lightning. It was strangely cool.

I've decided, after several days of feeling sorry for myself, to get over my whining and do something good. So, every time the self-pity pangs start I'll be making a blanket square for charity. I have nothing to feel sorry for. There are people who have lost everything. (That's why I purchased some yummy yarn from the Sanguine Gryphon - she is giving half of her proceeds to a needy family.) I'm a selfish person and need to be less so. It's not like a square takes much, either. I have tons of acrylic and I knit rather quickly. I should count my blessings with every row, too.

Time to wrestle the kids to bed. Talk to ya later!


~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

That would be awesome! Yeah, anything HP related or inspired. :) You can link by simply just copying and pasting the url to your post, or do the html to link it... which is:
It's just that, but there are NO spaces at all, except for after the "a" in "a href" That's the big secret. Make sure you have the quotes around your url address though. It's supposed to be there. You can do that on your blog & in the comment page... it works the same.

The socks are gorgeous! I love them! Lovely colorway...

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

We've moved! Join here for your HP stuff. :)