Monday, January 21, 2008


The email from Knitting Daily today is about fearless knitting, so I'm thinking about my abilities and plans. Am I fearless? Well, yes, actually. When I look at all of the gorgeous work out there, I don't think "I'll never do that" or "I can't do that", but "I'll try that technique out after I finish this upcoming project." For example, this year I will master socks, both cuff down and toe up, make some sweaters, learn cables, and knit a couple of lace projects. Oh, yeah, I'll be crocheting some stuff, too, like another sweater and a pair or two of socks. (have I mentioned that I love socks?) I don't believe in "I can't". My kids are being taught that, too. (I'm not blinded by optimism, though - I will never be a ballerina or a public speaker. I know my limits.)
I spent my day obsessed with an idea for a sock honoring Miss Luna Lovegood. The idea won't leave my head. Where's my notebook when I need it? Maybe if I ever cleaned the house I could find my things faster.


Jolynn said...

I am the opposite, unfortunately. *blushes* I don't know why, though.I have told myself that I definitely will attempt to be more fearless.

HDW said...

Don't clean when you can knit!!! So nice to find your blog!! I have heard alot about you, and have to tell you I am extremely jealous at how close you live to Jenny!!!! She is an incredib;e woman!! She needs to teach you 2 socks at once on circs that method!!!