Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Catching Up

I have a few finished projects to share with you today. First up is a great bag. The pattern is called the Professional Tote. I've had the pattern for a while now and finally decided to make it. All of the fabric and zippers came from my stash - all I had to buy was interfacing. I worked on it a little bit at a time so it was a long project to finish but I love it. Eric said it's the coolest thing I've made.
This is the front. It has a big pocket in between the straps - big enough for my Kindle. The side pockets are intended for water bottles. The slides keep the bottles from falling out.
This side zipper pocket is supposed to be for passports when traveling. There's another big pocket behind it.
Here's half of the inside - it's divided in the center with a big zippered section.
Here's the other inside half. In addition to the center section there are four side pockets. I can take loads of stuff with me when I go anywhere. It's a great bag. All of the fabrics are cottons so it's washable. Now I just need a place to go! Here's the latest bracelet:
The base is denim from an old pair of Eric's jeans. I sewed a piece of lace on the back so the edges peek out. I love the combination of wood and shell buttons together. It fastens with a piece of velcro and is quite comfortable. You know I've had a bit of bad luck lately - Curtise said it sounds like a country song, and she's right. I asked my Ravenclaw friends what I should do and they suggested burning some sage. One of them, Lauren, even gifted me this beautiful shell and stand
to put the burning sage in. Hopefully I'll be able to clear these nasty vibes from me soon. Tomorrow I'll be taking some pictures of a dress I finished while computerless. Tonight, kitty permitting, I'll be cutting out a new dress to sew. Wearing something pretty always boosts my spirits and when it's made by me the boost is even more. So, back soon!

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Curtise said...

The bag looks great, as does the cute bracelet. Hope the sage remedy helps - if not, a new dress will do the trick! xxx