Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sharing Some Love

I thought I'd end the year by linking you to some of the blogs I've been loving lately. First up are some super-stylish ladies. You've already heard about Vix. She's super cool - and on her way to a tropical vacation. Jealous! Sarah and Helga both have unique looks and amazing closets. Krista is so bright, has amazing hair, and is a creative and fun artist. Shelley has a cool sense of style and a great haircut. I don't know what to say about Desiree except wow. She is fearless. Melanie has such fun acting out the characters of her clothes - and painted a pair of jeans that make me drool with envy. Curtise rocks long floral skirts and boots like no one else and has photoshop skills to die for. Hollie looks like so much fun to be around and she organizes a ren faire and has an adorable little boy. Some of the sewists I follow are Lauren, who makes beautiful historical costumes and has a line of patterns from the 30s and 40s that are beautiful, Portia, who makes such classy separates, and Tilly, who is adorable and just started designing some patterns - and she was on the Great British Sewing Bee last spring. Another Lauren has mad sewing skills and isn't afraid to sew anything - check out her lace trench coat. Kristin makes such timeless clothes and hosted a couple of sewalongs this past year. Cation Designs makes amazing costumes and geek-inspired outfits. She made a gorgeous outfit to see Desolation of Smaug and has a wardrobe of dresses made from sheets. Roisin is adorable and makes the cutest dresses out of novelty printed fabrics - and wears them with magnificent shoes. Tempest hosted the Doctor Who sewalong (I failed) and makes awesome cosplay outfits for her family. They all look amazing! Nicole always looks so retro and hot. The last few here are blogs I don't know how to categorize, really. I look at the pictures and have spent much time going through their archives. Retrospace is full of the crazy goodies from (mostly) the 60s and 70s - everything from advertisements to television shows to movie posters. Sweet Jane and Emma Peelpants are usually scans of vintage magazine layouts and advertisements. They're both in England and have clothes that are so beautiful. Dolly Rocker Girl is a recent find - she posts about all sorts of people who inspire her and me - fashion icons, famous groupies, and rock stars. She has rekindled my love for classic rock chicks and seems like a very cool girl and I'd love to meet her. That's certainly not all of the blogs I read, but they're some of my favorites. I hope you find some new people to check out and don't hesitate to introduce me to any blogs you love. Have a safe and happy New Year's Eve!


Melanie said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I know some of these women but thanks for introducing me to more. Happy New Year!

Kristin Jones said...

Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I'm going to check out some of these other lovelies now!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Seriously cool post to wrap up the year on. My goodness, it's hard to believe that we're so close to end of January already. I swear, it feels like all of about five minutes since the ball dropped - I sure hope the rest of the year puts the breaks on at least a little, or it will be over before I can blink!

♥ Jessica