Friday, December 27, 2013

Meet Joshua

Last fall I shared a picture of the kitty we had living with us. Unfortunately, she got out one might and disappeared. Khloe was devastated. So earlier this month I took her to the local shelter to pick out a new cat. It was a hard decision for her - she wanted to bring home all of them! She was particularly find of a pair of brothers, about two months old, who were frolicky and happy. Finally we went to the room with the sick kitties - ones with colds or who were taking other medicines. Khloe latched on to Joshua instantly - and he her. We picked him up a couple of days later. He loves being here. He's only five months old and is quite the active baby. I've been busy keeping him out of the things he's not supposed to get in to - like my plants and the dishwasher. Want to see him?

Khloe loves her new kitten. She's constantly loving him and playing with him. He is a bit of an attention fiend and is eating it up. He's also quite fond of Eric and has even helped him play facebook poker a few times. Me? I'm the one with the food. Joshua comes to me when he's hungry - and he's hungry a lot. He's filled out quite a bit since being with us. According to a chart, Joshua is the equivalent of a 13-year-old. He certainly eats like a teen. Thankfully he has no interest in going outside. Our Christmas was pretty good. Kerry got the shoes he's been wanting, Khloe got clothes (including the sweater in the picture), and I got some great red boots and a castle incense burner. Next up - my birthday! Stay warm and safe, please. I'll be back soon!

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