Sunday, January 26, 2014

Planning My Year

In January, bloggers everywhere recall the past year and decide on goals for the new one. My favorite is Jessica's plan to wear more purple. What can I say? I think everyone should wear more of my favorite color - seeing it all over would make me very happy. I don't want to think about last year. It sucked. Besides my bout with depression, we lost some loved ones and it hit us hard. I'm focusing on looking ahead. When I started knitting I was entranced with gorgeous lace shawls. I bought several patterns and some skeins of laceweight yarn and quickly realized that my skills were lacking. Instead, I knit several fingering weight shawlettes that I never wear and decided to not knit any more accessories that will sit. Well, my attempts at sweaters haven't been great and it's starting to affect my mojo. When I was going through patterns, looking for something to knit for my OWL, I came across all of my wonderful shawl patterns and decided that it's time. Look at these:

These are a few of the patterns that have been waiting in a folder. I've gathered the yarn

and have started a couple

The pink is beaded and will be a stole, and the purple will be a giant maple leaf. Really. It's the result of peer pressure from my Ravenclaws - too many posts about colors and yarn ideas and I caved. It will be fun to wear a big leaf! I've been working on sewing, too. I have so many great patterns that I want to wear. By the end of summer I'll have a great wardrobe and will make sure to take loads of pictures so you all can see. It's been extremely cold for most of the country so far this year. Please stay warm and safe and make sure your loved ones are safe, too. Sub-zero wind chills aren't to be taken lightly. Bundle up if you have to go out! I'll see you again soon!

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Helga! said...

Ooo, you're one of those clever knitting wenches! My Mama could knit up a storm, but I am far too impatient to learn!
Thank you for your lovely comment! XXX