Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tower Love

I've been having a lot of stress lately. A Lot of stress. I've spent probably too much time talking about it in my Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup group. I've been friends with my "dorm mates" for several years now and know that they will offer good advice and have experienced much of what I've been going through. Well, something unexpected happened. I was gifted a pattern collection that includes this lovely design:

I got several cards in the mail:

and then I got my first-ever magic yarn ball full of amazingness:

with a purse pattern that will be steampunkified and an apron pattern that may protect me from my baking flour explosions:

I've also gotten many private messages with support and ideas to help with my problems. I can't fully express how much it means to know that these wonderful friends care so much about me. I do have a couple of finished sewing projects, but it has been blah and rainy here so the pictures aren't turning out well. If the sun comes out later I'll try again.

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Melanie said...

Magic yarn and steam punkification. Sounds like good living to me. Gifts from the cosmos. Yay!