Friday, March 8, 2013

Awesome Alert

I recently came across this blog. I'm so seriously awed with this woman - look at her! She's gorgeous and is probably one of the most confident people ever...and the bracelets! I'm so very much wanting a couple of big silver cuffs now. She has an ebay shop but doesn't seem to have a link to it which is probably good - I'd be shopping like crazy. So if you're interested in a cool chick with style, check out her blog. In other style news, I've been seriously trying to find pictures of Buffy and friends but my cyber searching has been crap and the only screen shots I can find are faces. So, I've been taking pictures of the TV like a dork and will put up a picture as I'm working on outfits like the polka-dot shirtwaist that Anya wears. I've got some great patterns from the 50's and 60's for shirtwaist dresses and am planning a trip to Joanne Fabrics (it's a road trip to buy fabric, so much planning is involved) so I'll be showing you the progress soon. This weekend is Spring Ahead so don't forget to adjust your clocks!

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