Thursday, March 17, 2011

Assistance Request

If you've watched the videos you know that there are some problems with the site. Because of the way that the video links, I have no idea how to do show notes. No surprise to regular blog readers - I don't know how to do nice links here, either. I could really use some help. I'm not a tecchie by any stretch of the imagination. I need tutorials best suited for great-grandparents - or if you were explaining it to, say, a character from a Victorian novel. For some reason the "helpful" videocasters on Plurk have ignored my requests for assistance many times. (I've not been invited to the virtual knit nights, either - am I too cool?)
I'm also on the lookout for some artwork. I'd love an opening scene to go with the misic I'll have soon (I'm going to spend a great deal of time on the podsafe music site) to use as an intro to the episodes instead of the image of me smiling on the couch. I have editing software to figure out, too, so by episode nine or ten everything should be awesome.
My biggest problem is itunes. I seem to be the only video not approved yet. It's very, very annoying to me. Do I need to brag about coffee or swear or something? (I don't drink coffee or swear, maybe that's the problem.) I hate trying to contact itunes. When I've had problems in the past it's been so frustrating for me just to get my message across that I usually quit trying. ( I still can't get my audiobooks to drag to my ipod - why?)
If you can assist in any way, please contact me. Maybe we can work something out.

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