Thursday, February 10, 2011


Khloe has been asking me to make a video podcast with her and we recorded Monday night. I'm having such a hard time getting it to upload anywhere that I'm close to throwing my computer against the wall. I need someone to come over here and help me. I'm not a computer person. I can make loads of things and love working with my hands. Code is not my thing. Hardware, software, any kind of "ware" isn't legible for me. If any of you can come over, call, draw pictures, or help in any way that uses no technical language I would greatly appreciate it.
I'm going to work on what does speak to me - yarn and fiber. I don't have pictures right now because it's all on the video.


Soprano1 said...

Bobbi--I may not be able to help... due to distance... but what are you uploading to? You-tube? what kind of video recording device are you using? :) Lauren

LFSAlden said...

Looking forward to seeing it *and* your fiber projects in their own sweet time.