Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh, The Frustration

The other day Khloe came home from school very, very upset. She'd not done well on a math test and was worried that I would be disappointed. I really wasn't upset. It must be hard for a ten-year-old to do algebra. I have gotten a bit frustrated with her lately, though. She's asked me to teach her how to knit, so I did. She worked on a few rows and quit. She says it's too hard. I told her that if she really wants to do it she needs to practice. She doesn't want to practice - she wants to be good right away at everything she tries. So, fine. Don't knit. I wasn't forcing her to, anyway. Last week I started a video podcast. (I'll link it in the sidebar.) Tonight I got the episode up - yay! - and showed it to her. Guess what? She wants to start knitting again so she can record with me. Sigh.


Liz said...

I used to have perfectionist tendencies that kept me from crafting. The thing that got me off of that line of thinking is that the beauty is in the process not the product.
I am excited to add another podcast to my lineup.

Bobbi said...

I hope I don't get held back from my first F, mommy! :|