Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Spinning

This is the braid of fiber that I got in the Camp Half-Blood KAL/SAL. We took a quiz to see who our God parent was and wrote a bit about ourselves, then Jess dyed up yarn or fiber specifically for us. I was very surprised to see so much green - after all, I'm not much of a green fan. After thinking about it, though, it makes sense. I enjoy being outside and working with my plants. The braid is six ounces and super soft. I almost didn't want to spin it - almost. But spin it I did.

I wound up with a bit over 1000 yards of fingering to lace weight yarn. I've kept the skeins in order so I can knit it up in the same progression that it came ffrom the braid. I plan on making a pi shawl - something simple yet open to show off the colors.

I can't thank Jenny enough for selling the wheel to me. When I spin I feel like everything in the world is okay. My mind relaxes and I work on instinct. It's like meditation, only easier and productive. I feel like as long as I'm behind the wheel nothing bad can happen in the world. I really need to thank her for soothing my soul and invigorating my spirit, too - but there really is no way to pay her back for that.

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