Saturday, August 23, 2008

Summer's Over

For the kids, anyway. School started on Wednesday and it's back to the routine. They both like their classes - so far. We live close to the school so they've been riding their bikes. It's good to have a schedule again.
I have been watching Dr Who on dvd. I must say that Billie Piper is really beautiful. She's so different than Hollywood actresses with their skeleton bodies and perfect teeth. After watching both seasons of her I feel a bit less bad about the filling-out I've done lately and my overbite. I haven't watched much with the other actress - I'm just through Rose and her mom (LOVE her mom) going to the parallel world. We did watch the season finale this summer which will make much more sense now that I've seen so much leading up to it. I'm addicted. I admit it.
Summer of Socks is almost over. I've made four pair and have two second socks to make - but they won't get done in time. But -- I'll have six new pairs of squishy socks to wear this winter. Yay! I didn't win any of the drawings and I won't win any of the other prizes, but that's okay. I've improved my sock-making skills alot and am pretty darn good with the DPN's.
My next adventure is the Harry Potter House Cup. It's a knitting and crochet contest (for lack of a better word) based on the sorted houses and the classes at Hogwarts - potions, herbology, etc. I'm in Ravenclaw, of course, and am anxiously awaiting the start - on September first, when Hogwarts starts. The assignments should be fun, if the conversations are correct- blending yarns and fibers for potions, nature motifs for herbology, that sort of thing. It will be fun to see what everyone comes up with.
I've been checking out the Fiber Friday posts on craftster lately - it's where spinners show off their latest creations. Wow. People are making some amazing yarns, both for knitting with and for looking at. They're using so many different rovings, threads, beads, crocheted flowers - my mind is swirling with ideas. Right now I'm combining two different rovings in one draft - naughty me - but with three spindles and Jenny's kick spindle I can really go crazy. (Hint, hint - if you have any spinning supplies you don't need, I would be happy to give them a home!) I need a great project for the handspun skeins I've collected. I really want to put them to good use and show them off.
Well, no pictures this time, sorry. I've got yardwork to do and dyeing to do (you know you want to buy some!) and school fundraising to go through - already!- so I'm off for now - and maybe I'll spend some more time with the Doctor.

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