Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Heart-breaking Ugly

Happy hot summer days! I've been in our pool alot lately, even without kids - especially without kids, actually, because they can be way too splashy. I haven't done alot of knitting or crocheting this past week partly because it's hard to do yarnwork in the water and partly because the strong discomfort has been back in my upper half, hands included. But still there's things to share.

First, the bad. I live in yoga pants. I have a favorite pair that I bought five years ago as a comfort gift to myself when I found out that I have endometriosis. These pants have been worn alot. Last week I noticed the signs of wearing out. Now, I sew a bit - a very little bit. I can't fix these, nor can I make more pairs based on these. I'm sad about it, too - my six dollar Walgreens comfy pants that have fit me fat or thin are dying. If anyone can help, please do. I will love you forever.

Here's the good. I have been able to do some spinning. This is a ball of hand-dyed roving that I got on etsy. I was worried about it as big fluffy fiber because it's rather bright, but it's spinning up really nice. I'm taking my time so it will be nice and even.

I've learned a plying technique - online, of course - and it turned out great, considering it was my first time. It's called Andean plying and is a way of using one spindle-full to make a two-plied yarn. I, of course, in my excitement to do it forgot that wrapping my hand up in a big amount of spinning may be rather uncomfortable, so I had to slip it off and work from a modified cake. But here it is. It turned out rather nice. I will do it again - on the above spinning.

Now, for the ugly. While I was wrapping my hand in the spun strand of fiber it snagged a bit. I worked the fibers loose and felt the most awful, heart-stopping snap. My beautiful spindle had broken. I love that spindle. I only have the two, but I so much prefer the feel of the heavier bottom-whorl with it's gorgeous ceramic whorl. I did cry. I'm really trying hard to save it, too - you who know me know I keep a large selection of glues on hand and a smaller variety of tapes (adhesive addict, I admit). Can you see the slight bulge in the middle? That's tape as clamp, holding it together until the glue cures. Then the quest for a wrap begins. I need something similar to floral tape but not sticky on the outside. Suggestions, anyone?

Well, now that I've shared the highs and lows of the week, I feel I must go. My elbows are hurting from typing and it's nice outside - the pool calls for me!

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