Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What a Week

I'm glad that last week is over. It was crazy. I ran out of my happy medicine just as the pms hit stronger than usual, Khloe had an attitude with me, Eric was feeling icky and was therefore crabby, and I had cramps so bad that I had to leave work early on Friday. I started to set up for some serious dyeing on Saturday - no kids, Eric was out - just me and some yarn - when the phone rang - it was the ex telling me that Khloe had fallen and probably needed stitches but he couldn't get her to the hospital. I had my parents get her and meet me at the emergency room. It was a nasty gash in her little chin. She was very upset. I kept my cool and worked a little on a WIP while we waited. My baby now has six stitches right under her chinbone. She's still beautiful. Oh, and she found out how Grandpa really feels about her - he wasn't even off the phone with me before he was out the door to get her and stayed at the hospital with us until she was done. He checked on her first thing Sunday morning and each day since. Yup. He's SuperGrandpa, all right.
I'm really trying to make this week better. I started by finishing my $5 in Paris sweater. It looks so good, too. Unfortunately I chose the wrong yarn to use. It's very itchy so I'll have to wear it layered which isn't quite the look I was going for, but the wool will be nice and warm next winter.

I have alot of other sweater patterns to choose from, both from books and online. I'm going to make a few more. I love sweaters and know I'll feel great wearing one that I've knit myself - I love wearing my crocheted ones. I'll be crocheting a couple more, too. Since it's warming up, though, I want to work on smaller projects - who wants a lap full of warmth on a warm sunny day? I want to make several pairs of socks. There are so many beautiful designs and yarns. I'm loving all of the lacy scarves, too. Oh, speaking of socks, my Bellatrix is coming along nicely. I really love this pattern. Even though this is still my first pair of them, I have more planned.

The yarn dyeing has been so much fun for me. I've discovered that I prefer kettle dyeing to painting because it's easier to do other things, too. Here is what I've done so far. Only two of them will go in the shop. The blue and gray on top is laceweight and will become a clapotis soon. My first try at kettle dyeing is the purple in the middle and it turned out too pretty so I have to keep it. It will be great with a lacy sock pattern. I'm sure I have several to chose from.

Oh, yeah, that's something else from last week - I decided to try to settle myself down by doing some pattern browsing, and found that Magknits is gone. Gone. I had several patterns there that I wanted to do. Now I need to wait for the designers to put them up on ravelry or their blogs or just pout and do without. Hmmm...maybe the purple would be good for Jaywalkers. (I did find that pattern already, thank goodness.)

No, I don't know how to link to things by clicking on the name, like clapotis or jaywalker. I'm kind of slow with computers. Maybe one of you can show me how. Hint, hint.

Well, I think that's all for now. Talk to you again soon!


Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

I can show you how to link. Love the sweater and the yarn and the socks and Little Miss K's face peeking out from behind you in the sweater pic. :)

Ilix said...

great socks yarn! And congrats on the finished sweater.
I hope your little one heals up nicely!

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Oh, the $5 in Paris...yay! *Smiles!* looks great. :)