Wednesday, April 2, 2008

To "B" or Not To "B"

I've been thinking about all of my WIPs and how to get them all finished. I started, you may remember, the famous Weasley sweater not long ago. I'm still working on the back but have been wondering what to do on the front. The traditional sweater has the wearer's initial on the chest. I've considered a big B but can't find a font that I really like. I have some charts from StreetLegal Designs, one is thirty different star designs and the other is very different designs like tribal designs and Egyptian motifs. They're all great but not really what I want on this particular sweater. While talking to Jenny about it the answer became clear - Sirius's tattoo! I'll have to chart it out, but it will be perfect.
I have a few rows left on the sleeve of the purple sweater. I think a sleeveless version in a cottony yarn is in order for summer. I want to get my first sweater done before it's too warm to wear it.
Kerry is really doing well with counseling. I'm so happy. He's so smart and fun, and his problems were really starting to affect his learning and friendships.
I'm so excited about dyeing yarns with Jenny. I have so many ideas! I have a notebook in my (huge new) purse so I can write everything down instead of trying to remember it all. I have tons of dyes to play with and yarns to experiment on. I'm trying to be organized, though, which for me is really hard.
I've started journaling again, and I gave the kids journals to keep, too. We're all enjoying it so far.
Back to knitting - how many WIPs is enough at one time? I'm thinking three - a pair of socks, a big item like a sweater or the messenger bag, and a shawl/wrap item with some laciness. I think that will be my goal, with a dishcloth or charity square thrown in for fun here and there. I get so excited every time I see a new pattern and need to remind myself to finish things. Three WIPs, Bobbi!

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