Monday, April 21, 2008

Just wondering...

I took Khloe to her first tumbling class tonight, and as I worked on my sock and watched my girl do cartwheels I listened to the moms behind me. The list of activities they have their kids in is staggering. When is it too much? It wears me out just hearing all of their stuff. Their kids must do their homework in the car between dance and karate or something. Jeesh. I may not be supermom but I know that kids should be kids and have fun while they can.
It has really warmed up outside. My roses are getting leaves! Yay! The grass is green and pretty. I'm so glad it's finally nice - we had such a long, crazy winter. It will feel so good to be out working with my plants and getting the yard pretty. Aahhh....spring.

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Joede said...

I let my now 13 year old son TRY just about everything until he was about 10-11. He decided himself (of course with some enouragement from me that he's doing TOO much)to stick with football and saxophone. I think 2 activities is enough.

My two cents.