Monday, May 6, 2013

May Flowers and a New Baby

One of the best things about spring is the color! I love seeing all of the new blossoms everywhere. Our yard has a few right now

I was inspired by them, and the other varieties around us, to create some flowers for me!

I love having flowers in my hair and have several already - fabric, crocheted, knitted, needle felted - but wanted some new ones. The one on the left is made from fabric circles. I found the tutorial on Instructables . It was very easy to make - one television show for all three and the centers, which are the little white plastic rings for crocheting that I glued some fabric around. I really like these flowers and have plans for some more. The big pink roses are on a headband and were inspired by Desiree and her spectacular Sassy Vamp headbands that she sells on Facebook (and I can't figure out how to order because sometimes I have no skills). I know it needs some leaves or something but that is still percolating in my brain. I was wearing the blue iris barrette this morning. It looks great with my curly hair but rubbed on the ceiling of my car while I was driving - go big, right? And the sparkly black one, well, last fall I covered a pair of sneakers in a mixture of mod podge and several shades of silver and black glitter. There was a bit left so I took apart a dollar store flower and covered it. It's been waiting to be finished all winter. It's on a barrette but really needs to be on a big alligator clip - but I can't find my stash of findings. It's not exactly bright and colorful for summer, but I love that it matches my shoes.
As for the new baby:
Khloe brought him home last night. Isn't he cute? You may remember that she had a pet toad, Bob, a couple of years ago. She was devastated when he crossed the rainbow bridge to toad heaven. Last night she was so excited to have a new baby to play with. He's a fast little turtle - can't leave him unattended or he'll get lost. I've set up a little home for him with some dirt to dig in and a bowl to swim in, but we need to do some experimenting with food. I read that turtles are omnivorous, so he has some lettuce and asparagus but hasn't touched it - probably because he's getting used to his new home. We'll take a trip to the pet shop later to see what they have. There's a break in the rain, so I'd better get outside - along with the flowers we have weeds that need pulled. Off to the great outdoors!

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