Friday, May 17, 2013

Lending A Hand

The other day I drove the hour to spend some time with my parents. They used to come here to see the kids but, well, my dad isn't doing well and the drive is too much for him. So I filled the gas tank, packed a cooler with road soda, and drove. Thank goodness for my ipod! On the way, I stopped to see my honey - he had a pound of morel mushrooms to share with my parents (it was just mushroom season and they all love them. I think they're a bit icky.) The town my parents live in has a thrift shop that mom adores. All of the money raised goes back into the town. I know that lots of places have such shops, but we don't have one here. So Mom and I went to check it out since I'd never been there. I had such a good time! Let me show you:

I got so many things!

Several pieces of fabrics, probably man-made but all will be useful for small projects. The floral one is about two yards, so it may turn into a skirt.

Two pair of shoes - one a rather Ravenclaw bronze and the other is kind of steampunky and vintage. I got the purse but haven't checked it out - I'm very picky about purses and have a hard time finding ones that serve my purposes. We'll see.

Two skirts. The one on the left just needs the elastic tightened up a bit and it will fit. The right one, though, is much too small but I like the fabric and will make a top out of it.

So many supplies! Two button jars! A new macrame board! A roll of sell-by-the-yard trim that hasn't been opened and two little pieces of trims. I think the purple cone is wooly nylon thread. The pattern is a bias cut skirt- I've been looking for one. Two weave-ette hand looms - I have a bigger square and a rectangle already and now I can make other sizes. (Have you seen how much these cost?) And the autobiography of Lauren Bacall because I adore and gorgeous. I don't usually use straight knitting needles but these are pink and I like pink. So, how much did I spend? Well, it was Bag Day - everything that fits in a bag for five dollars. This all was eleven bucks - two bags and the macrame board because it didn't fit in a bag. I forgot that they had a great set of vintage aluminum cups that I'd admired - it would have fit in one of the bags. I'll be going back. Next time will be a weekend because there's a little shop across the street that has crazy hours and I want to check it out. I went to an auction last weekend and am working on a post about those finds but trust me, the macrame board will come in handy! Happy Friday!

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