Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Weather is Making Me Crazy!

Honestly, I think the Mayans meant that the weather would go berzerk when their calender ended. I mean, warm and sunny to snowy to thunderstorms to warm again...in one week! And have you ever heard so many reports of thunder snow? Crazy. (Have you been out in a lightning and thunder snowstorm? Whew! Can't even describe it!) I do have some FO's to share, though. First is this sweater...
It's my tribute to one of my favorite Doctor Who companions, Barbara. She's one of the first two humans to travel with the Doctor in 1963, "kidnapped" with Ian because the followed Susan out of concern. Barbara is one of Susan's teachers and used her intelligence in their adventures, even becoming an Aztec god in one episode. She really let the Doctor have it on more than one occasion and always had a sense of dignity and class about her. This pattern is from the Custom Knits book. It's similar to a sweater that Barbara wears in a couple of stories. I don't have a picture of it on me yet (still figuring out how to use the timer on the camera), but I can tell you that it's not the loose, boxy style of the sixties - sometimes I forget how chunky I've gotten. It's very fitted on me but still looks cool. THen I finished these spats
that match a sweater that I made...um, last year I think. This was a fun pattern to knit. I should have done them both at once, like I do sleeves, but I didn't even think about it until the first one was about half done. The picture doesn't show the great stitch pattern - it's like a combination rib and moss stitch with cables. Very pretty! I've been working on a top from the vintage pattern haul in October. It's almost done, I think. The difference in fit and styling has me a bit confused. I know that tops were shorter because waists on pants/skirts were higher, but I'm nervous that it's too short. And I may have goofed on the sleeves, but I'm not sure. I'll keep messing with it for a few days...maybe it needs blocked again. I've knit a couple pairs of socks, too, because my feet have been cold. Sometimes I need to wear two pair to actually feel warm enough. Lately I've been working on keeping our computer running. It's quite old - nine years, I think, and until recently has been great. Lately, though, it's slowing down a lot. I know we need a new one, but honestly I don't want to deal with the whole stress of transferring everything over. I mean, I don't want to transfer my bookmarks from one browser to another! I'd much rather spend my time doing fun stuff...mostly, of course, because I'm computer-stupid and don't often know what I'm doing. I really should take a class. That's all for today. I need to go take more sinus medicine - another weather-related problem - and calm this headache. See you soon!

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