Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Quest Accomplished!

You may remember the post I made a while ago about my quest for the wrap dress. Well, my quest is over. I was casually browsing patterns on etsy last Friday night and saw the actual DVF pattern - for 99 dollars. I kind of chuckled as I kept looking and came across the Simplicity knockoff, with shipping for less than 20 dollars, and snapped it up. I got it in the mail today. ( A quick bit about the seller - I ordered it on Friday night and got it in two days, yesterday being a holiday. Awesome!) I'm kind of in shock. It looks like a rather simple pattern to put together. I need to resize it, since my bust is a long way from the 31" on the pattern. As for the fabrics, the envelope says any can be used, knits and wovens. I will have to invest in some new fabrics since my stash is very lacking - most of it was purchased before I had kids, and Kerry will be 14 soon. I see this dress in so many colors and patterns! I even have some picked out on Spoonflower, a fabric website that's not inexpensive but has a wonderful selection of custom prints like Doctor Who and steampunk - look at your own risk! I'm so excited. I'm nervous, too, because I've never resized a pattern before. Several of the sewing blogs have tutorials, so I should be able to figure it out. I've been looking at sewing books on Amazon, too - in fact, I have more sewing than knitting books in my wish list. I've gotten some lovely 50's patterns, too. I haven't made any fabric decisions for any of them yet, mostly because my brain goes crazy with ideas and then stops working. You know what I need? Someone to help me. And new fabric. I'm off to adore my new pattern now. Squee!

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