Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stash Fail

So I sewed up the muslin of the pants that I told you about. They look pretty good - I had some issues with the waistband but managed to figure it out. When I got out the actual fabric, though, I discovered that it's too sheer to use as pants. I don't have any other suitable fabric to use, either. I have a few different pieces that I don't know what to do with - and can't remember what I bought them for. I have found some great designs on a site called Spoonflower - all kinds of wonderful different patterns and genres. I have my eyes on a couple of prints that will become dresses - once I find the pattern that's in my head. I finished knitting a cardi and am almost done with another - except for the buttonbands. The problem? Lack of appropriate buttons in my button stash. I have lots of buttons. Apparently, though, not any that work with whatever I'm working on. I should go through the yarn and button stashes together while I plan my next cardi. Maybe I should reorganize everything just to see what all I have. Of course, that may take several days and require help. I have a lot of stuff. Then again, I need a lot of help - but that's another story! If you have any ideas or tricks to share, please don't be shy! If you're one of those people who likes to organize, well, don't be shy about that, either. I'm off to try to talk myself out of knitting another Dalek.

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