Friday, August 3, 2012

Biting the Bullet

I've had some patterns and fabrics sitting in my bedroom and living room for awhile now, waiting for me to make them. Honestly, I've been scared - once you cut, it's cut, unlike knitting where you can just unravel. I found, while looking through some other things, a length of white muslin. Just what I needed! I decided to make a pair of pants - I've signed up to sub again this year and pants would be more practical for school. After matching my measurements to the pattern envelope I cut the muslin. In a little while I'll sew it up and see how it looks. The pattern calls for a zipper, though, and I don't have any, so I'll have to take a swatch of my fabric to go zipper shopping. At least, I think it's the fabric I want to use. It's dark red with little gold designs on it. I have a bunch of it (I think it's from ebay a long time ago) and thought about using it for a dress but changed my mind. When it's all done I'll post a picture - if any of these housemates of mine will take a decent picture. I grew up with sewists around me. My Aunt Carolyn had a dressmaking business in her house. I remember going in her sewing room in awe that she could make such pretties - even wedding dresses. My Aunt Laurie actually taught sewing at a college and sells handmade pocketbooks, beautifully made ones. My mom even did some sewing for us and made my sister's prom dress out of some fiery red satin. I don't really know why none of the skills were taught to me. I don't remember ever being offered the opportunity to learn. I've tried to learn on my own - much easier now with the availability of online knowledge sharing, but I'm nervous about it. There are details that I have no idea how to do that make the finished garment look so much better. I want to get some books to help me. My knitting books are a huge help for me and I know that a sewing library would be so useful. I did make a lining for my messenger bag, though, by remembering things I've seen and taking measurements. I guess I wan't too worried about it because the fabric is some inexpensive quilting cotton from walmart. It turned out pretty good. I know it's not perfect, but I like it. I added pockets to it and decorated them with some vintage rick rack from my grandma. It's very cheerful and fun. I want to use my bag as a purse - and just might. (I've seen people with some gigantic suitcase-like purses!) So, I'm going to get sewing on some clothes. Besides, I need a reason to buy some pretty new fabric! I just need to pracice zipper insertion.

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